Which Sanctified Power is better for LoD HotA Barb?

Hello dear D3 enjoyers.

So if your aim is to reach higher Greater Rifts, which sanctified power serves this purpose better?

When i started to farm for LoD Hota Barb, the guides on internet suggested that i should use the Whirlwind power in order to reach higher Greater Rifts. But today i made some research on the topic and i realized that people are suggesting the Hota sanctified power instead. The leaderboards indicates that the top Barbarian players are using the Hota power as well.

So in your opinion, which power is better in terms of Solo Pushing? What are their pros and cons and which one are you using yourself? Thanks.

The general consensus is that the HotA power is better for pushing until you are higher paragon (5000+?), at which time the whirlwind power has a higher clear potential.

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Seems rather weird that a HoTA-based power would not be the preferred power for HoTA builds…

Can make sense to switch to something later, if it helps with kiting for large smashes, which presumably is what the WW power is used for… tight grouping.

Under perfect circumstances the WW power could in theory produce better clear times. Problem is when you pull that many monsters on top of each other and pommel them with heaps of area damage is server failure… Lag! Disconnects! Etc.

The HOTA power is better for most ppl.

Just play on SA server, lag disappears.

And, just to be clear- AFAIK, the lowest time 150s, and the lowest paragon 150s, are still on the boards with the HotA shockwave power, not the WW pull. We’ll see what Kozmik comes up with using the WW pull in the coming weeks.

Its hard to measure whats inside the giant monster ball too. I was duoing with Kosmik and i had the ww power. The progress went from like 20 to boss in one big splosin. We got a crappy boss otherwise would’ve been an amazing clear lol. Didnt even get a pylon it was so sudden.