Which platform AND version for D4? Input Please

This entire setup came from my brother this Christmas. Lucky! Not high end mind you - the monitor however I purchased on sale - otherwise yes gifts. I know many will be saying Ps5 or Xbox Series X or High End PC. That said. This is all I got for a good while. Should be efficient enough considering D3/D2 Resurrection do fine on these 2 systems BUT. Input that is kind. would be appreciated. Thank you for reading. =)

So my setups are as follows:



MSI GF63 Thin 10SCS

Only difference from this sheet is mine has the i5 2.6ghz.

Also the ram was 8GB but has since been upgraded to 16GB.

The drives: there are now 2 SSD’s (1 for storage mostly) both 250GB roughly.

If you need any further info on my pc let me know. I will say it plays Diablo 3: Flawlessly on max graphics - 1440p Resolution/gaming monitor.

My “main” current TV for the xbox - as 32in isn’t big enough for console gaming - for me. As I sit pretty far back - imo.

Its basic: TCL 65" Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV - 65S451

Xbox Series S is my main console atm.

Both are low end of gaming: but I enjoy PC more, except for diablo…hence the question. While D2 Resurrection lacked, everything for me, on any platform, the series s did it fine “enough”. Diablo 3 seems amazing - talking strictly performance atm. Plays full 1080p/1440p for once - for me on xbox. PC 1440p. but only 60hz for some reason. But thats ok. As far as frame rate on PC (for Diablo 3) I did a fresh install a few hours ago - so no D3 atm. but I remember it being very- very high. For me and what I could have imagined. As my brother said this graphics card was entry level at best for gaming. I’ve gone to laptops the last few years do to moving. So far it and the Series S are acceptable to me.

OK now there are 3 types of Diablo 4 purchases standard-deluxe-ultimate. For a huge fan - basically who wants mounts/pets. And of course the game - with no interest in beta due to time until around summer, you be the judge.

Lastly - if my PC will play it AND the series S “ok to good, maybe great if I get a Xbox Series X” then I need help on which would be the better experience in your opinion. I know a lot of people either love Diablo only PC, Only on Console since D3’s launch on 360/ps3, or just down right have no clue, as to be honest Diablo hasn’t been the same for a lot of people since the Original D2 and expansion.

All this said: I really didn’t mind D3, as long as I take 6 months off or longer every so often. Otherwise I would agree it could - and will become boring - at least to me.

Diablo 4: I hear is amazing. is it? Who knows far as I know…lol.

Edit: I did notice being an xbox player - I am surprised its coming to xbox one - as I can’t remember the regular/standard xbox one or S being able to do 1080p. So makes me wonder if Diablo 4 will be more optimized all the way around even on low end PC graphics cards? like mine.

Input needed. Thanks! Hope to hear from other like minded people - about diablo. And this subject - post.

Wait for the Beta an just try what runs better.
D4 will have controller support on PC.

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