Which damage attribute is more important?

I’m looking at Icy Veins and they say the #1 priority stat for my weapon is “High Weapon Damage”. On this weapon that I just found, which damage attribute is that? The 1500-1800 Holy Damage or the 6% Damage?

Edit - guess I can’t include links to screenshots. The weapon is:

Ancient Jesseth Skullscythe
+1504-1869 Holy Damage
+6% Damage

Ivy Veins priority:

  1. High Weapon Damage
  2. Int
  3. Socket
  4. IAS
  5. CDR

The “Weapon Damage” is the +[xxxx]-[yyyy] [element] damage. This is the most important stat for a weapon (unless you are running a thorns build). Note that the element is not important. The type of element your attacks use is dependent on the skill and rune you use, not the type on the weapon.

If you want to see what happens if you remove the damage property, craft a rare (yellow) weapon, then use the mystic to roll that damage property off. Note the DPS of the weapon before and then after you roll off that property.

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