Which class in Diablo 2 is your favorite?

Just for fun. A survey on class selection.

Let’s say you had to choose exactly one class, which would only be given to play, which class would be your absolute favorite?

Don’t think of the current strength of the class as a benchmark. But the classes would all be well playable in the talents and skill trees and about equally good.
It should not go by strength, but by what I actually like the most.

Simply according to the motto, class and a small reason and story to it.
I’ll make the beginning.


I fell in love with this class right away. Playing with animals was great, shapeshifting was also a cool thing and I loved to burn the enemies with the firekills.
I just love playing the druid, I can relate to it, especially as a fire druid or as a pure wolf summoner :wink:
I am very excited for the D4 Druid and was a little sad not to get one in Diablo 3. Would I even today for a bissel money acquire and play;)

Toss-up between druid and assassin. Druid likely wins out as I like turning into a wolf or a bear more than laying traps - that is, the druid is a more active, in your face, character.