Which char for controller?

Hey guys,

I’d like to enjoy my first D2:R experience at my 4k TV playing with controller and beer on my couch. I’ve tried to play the sorc on beta with gamepad but targetting skills was awful to me since I never really play with controller except for FIFA :smiley:

I hoped you may have an idea which character is easiest to play with controller (solo play only)

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

All the melee characters I found while playing on Xbox x beta.

But I found the casters pretty easy also. :man_shrugging:
Just didn’t like not being able to target tele


How did you manage to pick up only items you wanted to? I always had to pick up everything and drop the sh*t I didn’t want to pick :smiley:

You didn’t.
Getting gear on controller is making sure you have enough inventory at all times and spamming pickup

Was one of the very annoying console aspects beside no chat/lobbies

But melee is def better for looting cause your always right there

Uh okay, Controller is not a question anymore then :smiley: Thanks ^^

Assassin is a good choice.
I gonna try combo-assassin. It is very annoying to collect combos with mouse, and I think it would be nice with controller.

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Yeah that kind of gameplay is nice on controller.
Very easy to use

iam looking forward to play a kicksin with gamepad

she should be a blast to play with gamepad