Which build to use

I am a new player, finished campaign and at paragon level 29. I see all these different builds out there. I know we are late in season 24. Do I need to play with the different skills to see which one suits me the best then build my character around the skills? I definitely understand that it is a marathon. Thank you.

By completing Chapters II, III and IV of the Season Journey you’ll get a full “free” set of Monk armour. That set, along with some accompanying legendaries, will allow you to start farming rifts / bounties / greater rifts and to put together your preferred set / build. More information about builds…


Since you are new, I would suggest doing just that. You may find that one build is more fun for you than another. If you are just trying to complete the highest GR level possible, then the soup of the day for monks is the Inna’s build, as that had really been buffed recently. Don’t be surprised if it gets wacked with the nerf bat after the season though. When I first started playing monk, I really liked Ulliana’s and I think that is the free set you get that Meteorblade was talking about. Hopefully you are playing the season, as that is where all the action is.