WHERE’S Seasonal journey FOR 18 AT?


They always know how to make people disappointed.
kudos :+1:


I figure the new cosmetic in Diablo 3 for season 18 is the Malganis pet from pre-order of WC3 Reforged. So instead of earning it through season it was placed behind a paywall.


While i agree that “something doesn’t smell right”, i suspect there is some sort of Legal agreements that prevents the Chinese version assets from transferring to non-chinese games.

IIRC - they got a base game for free but had to pay for things like Campaign Mode, Crusader, Act 3, etc. Im sure Chinese Players would feel cheated if the US/EU game got for free what they have to pay for. Why Blizzard US doesn’t offer Chinese Wings as MTX Cosmetics is beyond me.


No, there are not. There is a pet from Warcraft 3 Remake, an RTS game. WoW Classic can not be pre-ordered. It is free with a normal WoW subscription.

WoW Classic is free. A person just needs a regular WoW subscription to play either the current WoW or the Classic servers. There are no wings that come with access to the WoW Classic game. Not sure what you think is ugly seeing as they don’t exist.

Were you thinking of some other set of wings for something else?


That is sad. You need motivation?

lol, I know you are a drama queen.

You made this post because you need posts to get to trust lvl 2/3.

Please be honest and tell us the truth!


No I thought he was confusing it with Reforged, so I watched the gameplay vid and I virtually puked. That is one crap-looking game. I wouldn’t pay $5 for it, let alone $60 (once converted to my currency).


thanks for the post in advance so i dont get my hopes up
i actually wanted to get the other season rewards too so its not even bad


We just don’t matter anymore and they prove it all the time. Gaming is all about Asians now and it makes me angry. Won’t even bother giving us cosmetic shop as well (mtx shop would be totally fine without any xp boost crap).


Would you like a cosmetics shop? That would cost money to use, and that’s hardly any fun is it? More rewarding to play the game and unlock items that way.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Is this an out-of-season April Fool’s joke?

We’re expected to believe that they do ANY QA testing, let alone on little cosmetics?

History has proven time and time again that these people do not play their own game. And the latest PTR does nothing to disprove that.

Noone in their right mind would’ve approved the seasonal buff or Stone Gauntlets if they’d played them in-game even for just 5 minutes.


Ideally no, but many games have it and D3 as well just not in our region. If it would support the game without any p2w items it would be fine but instead we get just nothing to unlock this season anyway.


What’s wrong with having a cosmetic shop?


Well, I guess as the game is new to me, I simply have a preferance to get items by unlocking them in the game. But that is my view. I am not saying they can not make a cosmetics shop as such.


They got the base game for free, so they pay for cosmetics.
We paid for the base game, so we get free cosmetics.

The difference is, we pay up-front, and they might not pay anything at all.


Thanks for the clarification, but the rest of my comment (which didn’t feature in what you quoted - I don’t know how to quote specific parts or even whole messages) was a broad description of how cosmetics are placed ‘behind’ paywalls, in case you don’t have a specific product etc.

It isn’t a knock; it is what it is - modern marketing in a nutshell.

I said it before but it bears repeating: it would be nice if dedicated players (not me, I have missed whole seasons) had little treats each season to maintain their cosmetic progression.


If you need motivation I will give you milk and cookies if you cut the grass. Or you can have all of my wings, because I never use them.:ok_hand:


I like how responsive you have been on this new forum. I hope this will continue as well for a new Diablo , if it is coming.


So to be clear the only new added cosmeticy item to the game is a pet you have to pay for.

Blockquote * A pet has been added that will be available for players who pre-purchase Warcraft III: Reforged Spoils of War Edition (PC Only)


Ugh! Between the fact that there is no new Seasonal cosmetic reward(s) and a Seasonal buff that pales in comparison to Season 16 and Season 17, I might skip Season 18.

Patch 2.6.6 is mostly inconsequential to me, and amounts to little more than a different weapon being equipped on my Enchantress follower. And as much as I would love to swap out my Legacy of Nightmare rings for the new legendary gem, there is literally no way that I will be able to reach Greater Rift 99 and upgrade the gem to level 99. :sob:

And a big THANKS for not adjusting or removing the Blackthorne’s set. Everyone loves it when that drops. :roll_eyes:


Absolute Garbage. So now there is nothing unique about getting a cosmetic cause down the line others will just get it.
Get off your high horsr NEV and stop lying
Reskinnig an already in game cosmetic wouldnt require any testing on models as ur just recolouring whats there.
Absolute drivel.
D3 is going to lose even more seasonal players due to this 110%