Where are the Minions in Greater Rifts?

I’m a newbie, just started playing GRs (in Seasonal, haven’t yet completed the campaign in non-seasonal.)

I’ve yet to complete one in time. I run around like crazy, kill everything I meet, but few of them drop purple globes and I always run out of time before the Guardian shows up. I’ve taken to ignoring the trash mobs and just looking for elites, but I still can’t find them!

Is there some trick to this? Or do I just have to get faster?

First things first. Which character are you attempting it with? Also, do you not have Kanai’s Cube? If not, get it, learn how to use it - total game changer.

And yes, get faster. However, don’t just skip over all the trash mobs. Every little bit helps and it also helps to get pylons to spawn. So kill some of them as you go. If a mob type is taking too long, skip it and carry on. Skip mobs with ‘Juggernaut’ affix - take too long at your level.

Take that amethyst out of your Wizard’s wand. Use Emeralds for the +crit damage bonus.
Make sure your gear bonuses match your selected skills, also. If necessary visit the Mystic and reroll them. For instance on your Wizard boots you have ‘Increases Arcane Orb damage by 11%’ - Arcane Orb isn’t one of your selected skills. Change skills or change that stat, your pick. Just little tweaks like that can make all the difference. Visit maxroll . gg for more info and build suggestions.

If needed, send me a friends request and I can help you in game. Easier than advising in a forum board (I finished season on all three servers so have time to lend a hand if you want).

Yes, to both. Faster is always better in a GR.

Looking for elites only is actually going to slow you down, somewhat, depending on what build as you might be better off using the trash in a gigantic pull to get as much progress as you can in a “single kill.”

If you’re not fast enough to complete it under 15 minutes, the GR is too hard and you should run a lower one. If you’re failing GR1… yeah.

Farming Greater Rifts Efficiently

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When you first open the GR menu, it defaults to GR13 (T2). You can lower it by opening the dialog box and scrolling down to a level you can complete.
Killing trash will also advance the completion bar. You may be losing time searching for Elites.

Thanks, very helpful. I’m running the Wizard. Yes, I have Kanai’s Cube, still figuring out how it works - Extract Legendary Power seems to grab a random power, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. I don’t immediately think of rerolling bonuses, I’ll give that a go.

I discovered maxroll.gg a few days ago. There’s a lot there! Guess I should sit down with it for some time and see what it can tell me.

Don’t waste a lot of mats rerolling low level gear. I was just pointing that out for future reference.

I sent a friend request.

Gotcha. I already took your advice, ran a GR, and succeeded for the first time ever! Woohoo! Now to crank up the difficulty a few notches and I can complete Chapter IV.

How do I find and reply to this friend request? I don’t see it anywhere obvious.

Lower right of the log in screen. Or is it thru the mail… :thinking:. Been so long I forgot. Or open the social tab - O key.

No mail. Found the social tab - no friends, no request. I can’t see any settings that would exclude it. Do you have to be on the same server or something?

No. Let me resend it.

edit. I wrote it wrong, had #1853 written down, not #1835

Ah! Now I see it! … Thanks. Accepted.