When you have good Nats gear

So I have been lucky and have dropped some well rolled, ancient Natalya gear this season. Didn’t want them to go to waste… so i did the Nats set dungeon :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

That’s how much i despise the Spiked Traps build.

You’re not alone in your opinion. On the other hand, I rather like it. In the first altar season, I used it to do my first GR 150 in all my years playing this game. This season, I’ve done a 147 so far without cheesing it with the Ring of Fire stuff.

I really like the toughness of the set, with Stricken, Bone of the Trapped, and Esoteric, you can basically stand in the middle of massive packs with ground effects everywhere and blast away. Hard hitting mobs might make you move occasionally, talking about Dark Berserkers, Big Lacuni, Phase Beasts, and sometimes Unburied, at least until you get the Protection Shrine effect.

Anyway, just saying, it’s not a bad set it just goes against the “fantasy” of what a ranged class should be since you don’t really fight at range, but I see it no differently than how Shadow used to play before all the buffs it got in recent patches.

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I used the Tals Meteor build for my GR150 in S28. My first 150 too. Usually I don’t bother pushing but I wanted the blood shard cap maxed in NS. I’ve always enjoyed Meteor builds so this was a real treat to push it to the top GR.

If I find it in me as this season progresses, I’ll give it another try (especially if I drop a good, ancient demon’s demise or dawn that has poison damage on it).


Well, I’ve gotten my red soul shard gem to rank 150 thanks to group play this season.

The guy who ran dps in our 150 clears ran Nats.

He said his wrists hurt after 4 or 5 runs. :cry:

I’m thinking this may not be the build for me seeing how I do suffer from tendonitis from time to time.

Currently leveling up my dps gems for M6 :rofl:

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i mean, they tried i guess, but the forced interaction with caltrop vacuum just turned out goofy. and rain of vengeance was kinda cool, not sure why they tossed that out the window. should have worked something out with Entangling Shot, traps, and Rain of V together.

Tried too hard IMHO.

Nats already worked well as the general damage set, having versatility to be mixed with other 6pc sets, and excelling as the Rapid Fire supporting set.

What would have been better than reworking it to a Spiked Traps set would have been to do something with Crashing Rain, and maybe an unused 1H xbow to further buff RoV. I loved that old build of strafing around and hitting RoV off cooldown to nuke mobs. The Caltrops vacuum would be more useful there.

I know people refer to Spiked Traps as a nuking play style but when the traps are spammed like you’re firing multishot, it does not feel like nuking. Ulianas feels like nuking. The Rathma AotD build feels like nuking. Spiked Traps feels like mage spamming with the Necro which is a horrible playstyle.

IMHO, spiked traps would have worked best with sentries… namely the original auto spender casting M6 (current ones don’t fire as frequently). I always thought the Chain of Torment rune ought to have impassable chains. These could be used to group/trap mobs through strategic sentry deployment and then spiked traps could be used to nuke them… though, I’d have had a new power that gives spiked traps a longer cooldown with just one, large radius trap being deployed.

150 done and dusted good for rank 24 on the SSF Demon Hunter Leaderboards as of this posting.

I just want to say that this season there’s two ways to play Nat’s. You could go the far more squishy option of Nat’s Slayer/Demon’s Demise/CoE and Ring of Fire or do what I did and go Dawn/Demon’s Demise/no CoE or Ring of Fire. The second option is much much tougher and is what I did. There’s very little strain on the wrist since you’re only moving to get to Occulus and Triune Rings or to reposition into the center of your pulls.

I assume there’s probably a bit more fishing required with the second option since you need some luck with pylons and good maps with decent mob types.

That said, it was fun, and I only needed around 1930 paragon. Edit: Which is much better than I did in the first Altar Season where I needed somewhere between 2700 and 2900 paragon, can’t remember which.

I stop playing with DH for years.

Char still take more 30% damage.
Char have tons of dex, and never have a Dodge.
Dh only lose to wd as one of the biggest failures in RPG history.

Complete garbage