When you die in HC

Anyone else just stare at the screen for a few seconds in a weird sense of disbelief.
There is this moment where I can’t process that everything Ive been working toward is gone forever.
Love HC
Bye Frank the barb you will be missed.


Yes and the one were you shouldn’t be playing when you are tired too. You fall asleep and wake up to “you have been killed” LOL. You just laugh it off and start another one and move on. There is really nothing you can’t do about it either.

No, I know what killed me so there is no reason to disbelieve it. Rather, I smack myself for thinking I could survive what, clearly, I could not.

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Today my barb died due to a d/c. :frowning:

No, I usually just break into a new 4 letter word combo bonus. I am never sure if I am cursing at the monsters for killing me, or at myself for being careless.

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nah I just delet or archive and start over

The stare. Shock. Disbelief. Yup every time. “Love” the feeling in some sense of the word lol. Though in my recent death a few days ago I didn’t experience much of any of that - I just kept on calling myself an idiot cause the death was 100% my fault and was entirely avoidable if I wasn’t a stubborn idiot (trying to finish off a near dead high GR nasty elite pack after both of my cheat deaths procced… I could have easily run away as I knew I should have… the damn door was right next to me too.)

I have Ripped a lot of times this season, because I have been pushing.

I think it depends. Stupidity yep, that hurts, but if you are pushing a 130 which I haven’t quite achieved yet, I accept it.

With the Echoing Nightmare, it has made it easy to re-augment your gear and only your main gems you really have to level again.

But this season, I have RIP’d twice after the RG is dead by critters outside the main area.
The first I had killed the RG, picked up all the loot, was just putting the last point on my gem when I heard the attack. I had proc’d the first time then got out of my inventory and bam, dead.

The second time I was not thinking. I thought I had hit pause and went to get my coffee, doh, ‘always teleport to town’.

The game automatically saves a screenshot anyway, so if you want to check it out after you can. For those that don’t know, go to your documents/diablo 3/screenshots.

There are only two things that make me curse - Bad lag and disconnect. The latter does not seem to happen as much though.

Only one I kick myself over though “Death by environment” :joy:

There are a lot of people who always blame technology rather than stupid decisions.

Yes lag is still out there and is a common reason, but DC’s are very, very rare, yet on the PL channel, every man and his dog blame DC for RIP.

Lag can happen at any time and the source is rarely known unless a notification occurs.
If a person plays HC, they take that onboard as a life RNG. :joy:

yea last night. my first hc char. was doing gr19. i had solo 18 with breeze. i picked next level when a few joined the room. i still don’t know how i ended up in the middle of the champ pack, but they corpse explosion got me. usually i vault right out of something like that. i stared at it for about 2 seconds going wtf. i never figured my first rip would be that stupid. but it was. even with lag, i coulda stayed in a better spot. i just got the character to where it had 10 min shrines an channel rapid fire no longer uses hatred (od an broke imo). but ill take it. it was good enough to frag them giant splitting goblins. with ease…