When will the PTR testing be finished?

Just curious when do you think the PTR will be finished considering they had extended it and it seems that there are no patch notes for this week.

I suspect that there will be one more change that rolls out next week that hopefully addresses Akkhan and Tal Rasha’s set shortcomings. Then it’ll probably end the week after which would be my guess.

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They said the PTR was over.

Update on August 4: The 2.7.4 PTR has concluded. Thank you for playing!

There is no mention of another stage of the PTR.

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I thought they extendet PTR to 08.08?
Also Season 26 is still running. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They changed the blog update to 04.08 a while ago.

Update on July 20: The PTR 2.7.4 testing period has been extended and will now end on August 4.

And? Seasons do not end with a closed PTR. Usually they announce the season end shortly after the end of the PTR and they run at least 2 more weeks after the announcement.

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