When can we pre-purchase and is there Beta?

When can we pre-purchase the game on Xbox/Playstation?

I’ve checked the games not up yet on Xbox

Also do we get a beta version on consoles??

Not sure about Beta but after the first Alpha they said there would be more Alpha’s and Console would be included.

Maybe they have just moved to Beta in the production but they have to test the multiplayer aspect on Console I assume given the new Battle.net Launcher is now region free for communications and games are going region free too.

Overwatch is going cross play this could we see cross play too for D2:R on console?

Lot of console specific questions come to mind so hopefully we do get some sort of Alpha/Beta on Console like they promised.


The blog post says:

" Players who preorder the game will also gain early access to the open beta test taking place in August on supporting platforms."

If the beta was JUST on PC it would not say “platforms” thus there must be a console specific beta coming.


I asked Pezradar on Twitter about beta on Console and he replied it is coming to both XBox and PS.

Are consoles involved in this beta?

— Homerjnick (@homerjnick) June 13, 2021

They are. Xbox and PS!

— Adam Fletcher (@PezRadar) June 13, 2021

Incase anyone comes in here to look.

Game can be preordered now on all platforms.
Nothing about when beta is ext for console but it does mention beta access.

Thanks homerjnick I just seen your edit….would be nice if they would let us post on forums when we pre-purchase on console

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Yep…already in the PS Store…three versions…I’m all in…also a new trailer up…“Street Date Release”…that was shown during the XBox E3 Show…8=Player Co-op, that’s just insane…

But the pre-order is not fair on PS Store.

I own the disc version of D3…day one purchase…bought the Necro DLC too thus I have D3 UEE yet I cannot buy the “Prime Evil Upgrade” to pre-order D2:R with D3 cosmetics because the PS Store says I do not own D3 UEE.

I do…just not digitally…I own the bloody disc version.

Come on!!!

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Ya I just bought the reg version Xbox X cause if I’m playing d2r I don’t need cosmetics for d3.

Had they added cosmetics for d2r maybe I’d have paid the higher price for an “edition” but doesn’t make sense to me to buy d2r but get d3 cosmetics.

But I still play D3 so happy to pre-order D2:R and pay extra for cosmetics for D3 but I’m being discriminated against because I own D3 UEE physical not Digital.

Yeah well you’re technically being discriminated against because you play console.

Can you post in the D2R general discussion forum even though you pre-purchased the game?


Cause console version. :man_shrugging:

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Kinda of but they allow me to pre-order D2:R for PS4/PS5 and get the D3 cosmetics IF I owned D3 UEE Digital version on PS4/PS5.

I don’t…I’m a loyal Diablo fan and naturally bought the game day one WITH A DISC.

Bit peed off to be honest but I assume they will release some sort of upgrade path to D2:R owning a D3 UEE disc and get the D3 cosmetics.

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I know how you feel I’ve actually bought both versions of d3 disc and digital one for ps4 and one on the old Xbox one s.

Just like I have pre-purchased for Xbox X and if it’s good enough will buy on switch for travel