Whats with kadala giving great stuff for so cheap

people get primal stuff for 25 blood shards. i mean, doesnt she look at her goods before giving iti away ?

whats the lore behind it ?

Well there isn’t much lore pertaining to Kadala and the Blood shards.

The only thing we know about Kadala, is that she’s apparently the daughter of Gheed (npc from Diablo 2 who also enabled players to gamble for items at the cost of gold), and that she places great importance on wealth, as she considered gheed a great man, until he lost his wealth.

As for Bloodshards, they weren’t elaborated on. If I remember right, in the early beta for RoS, Bloodshards were believed to be either shards of the Worldstone or the frozen blood of ancient Nephalem. I don’t know if that’s still the case, however at the very least, the blood shards are mysterious and seem to possess some form of power, as Tyrael himself stated that they have strange power. However as for what purpose they serve for Kadala, and what value she sees in them is a mystery. Obviously, they must be something indeed for her to be willing to trade powerful items for them, but it’s likely we may never know.

On a minor note, prior to Diablo 4 being announced, I had a theory that Kadala was actually Lilith, and the bloodshards were actually pieces of the Worldstone, and we were actually unknowingly helping Lilith gather all the pieces. That said, I have no evidence to support this theory, so it shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.