What Triggers The Poison Buff on the Essence of Anguish

Does the Siphon Blood Power Shift, trigger the Poison Buff, on the Shard called, Essence of Anguish?

A simple weapon with poison damage will do it. I use a Poison Demon’s Demise and get the 50% damage buff despite Nat’s main damage being Fire.


Follower weapon as well right? Or is that just for part of it?

Poison damage on follower weapon will get you the CDR/MS parts of the Anguish buff.
The explosions are Poison, so even if no poison damage present in the build/on gear, it will automatically proc itself.
For the 50% damage bonus - you either need to have a poison skill to trigger it, or poison damage on your weapon. In that case poison damage on follower weapon doesn’t work.


Great to have this clarified. I was under the impression that poison damage on follower weapon was enough.
Haven’t done any pushing yet but it will be important when doing so to max out damage.

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no im pretty sure there’s a bug right now. poison damage on follower does enable the 50% and the 50% is all elements, not just poison.

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I’m about to do some testing (Tal Rasha cold meteor). One primal staff (via ashes) with poison and one ancient without poison. The latter with augment, the primal without but it has attack speed so a bit higher sheet damage. Poison on Enchantress’ weapon.

Only did 4 GR 125 runs with each staff. Omitted the best and worst time. Average time for two poison staff runs was 4:00, average for non poison staff was 4:21. (No Stricken).
Will need more testing and probably on higher GR.

BTW, the ancient non poison staff is a smoldering core with just 43 legendary power and not 50. So running with the primal Grand Vizier gives the full power from the other staff in the cube.

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