What torment level is safe for me?

Managed to hit 70, Placed myself on t1, Tried a GR 10, did ok for 12 mins.

Bascially where should i be aiming for to get decent gear drops or gear in general in Solo Play mode?

keep doing Visions if you have complete set
Or if you dont have complete set, use a Legacy of dreams gem to power up your random Legendary gear and get at least enough damage to kill elites in Visions to get better loots or complete set items.


I got Legacy of dreams gem and did Visions on normal level until i got a few legs and slowly up the gem

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Do the first 4 parts of the season journey and collect your “free” set?


And after that aim for 2-4 minutes Rifts/GR per run. Speed is more rewarding than hardness.

Look for build you want to play on sites like maxroll.gg or icyveins

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Just as some previous comments tell - concentrate on speed unless you really rather play it harder and with less rewards.
Before you get to T16, best indicator is usually that you kill all regular mobs with one or couple of hits and even bosses quite fast. At T16 most efficient level is usually whatever you can do in 2-3 minutes (depending a little how fast build you are able to make).

With fast kills you get much more item drops, which allows you to get to higher levels quicker. Game doesn’t reward higher level that much. If you run 10x harder content, you don’t get 10x more items or exp.

Running easy fast content all the time is naturally quite boring, but really recommended before you can do GR90 at least fast. But you can get there really fast if you know what you are doing (and if you don’t → there are lots of guides at youtube and at maxroll).

Yes and about 50% of the people really have no clue. Yes those guides are nice, but the best guide in the game is the Leader-board.

Most people starting out think I have to have all the damage in the world. I tell people I have 3 rules I follow, #1 Resist, #2 Armor, & #3 Damage. If you can’t stay alive you can’t KILL!!!

Yes Damage is #1 in the game. If you have a lot damage that is great. But if have low Resist & Armor and get kill every few seconds what good is all the Damage.

So what I’m saying is look at the Resist & Armor to as you are building your character not just Damage.


Really good point. I’d say if one dies in speed content more than once in couple of runs → more defense is needed. Dead character does zero dmg, and constantly dying also slows you down.

Many speed builds often work, because killing mobs before they can attack is one of the best defenses. But until/unless one can execute the play-style well, extra defense might be needed.

Never thought I would see something like that from BigRed/Davey who always detested the speed racers and leaderboard kings :smiley:

And you can’t just copy any build from the leaderboard and expect it to perform well when you play it. (Like some clears can be done with “wrong” or “bad” rolls on gear and some can do well with an extremely glass cannon set up etc… plus the big variances when it comes to people’s willingness to fish for a good rift).


This means your kill time is way to slow to be anywhere efficient. TBH, doing GR’s under GR60 is a complete waste of time.

As Kargon said, do the first 4 Chapters of the Journey and get your free set. This should have you speed running T6+ immediately.
If you have Sage’s plan, put that on your follower for dbs.
Run A1 to get your RoRG and enter any fissure that pops up.
Use shards to get your damage mitigation bracers and upgrade rare weapons to get your weapon.
Now you should be crushing TX or higher and can mix in GR’s with fissures to get your gems up.
Use shards to get the armor pieces for your cube, belt, etc.
Upgrade rare jewelry to get your ammy, rings, and cube.
Now you should be crushing T13+.
Once you get decent rolls on your gear and your gems up to level 25, you should be crushing T16/GR70+.

Just remember, if you aren’t one shooting regular mobs, you are probably not being very efficient. GR’s should be taking you 3 min or less.

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With level 70 creafted gear alone you should be able to handle T6 minimum I would think. Add in your gift set and you could do much higher.

You always post the strangest post. Looking at your posts, youve played D3 for years. You like, already know this stuff?


Dude, you have been around these Forums for nearly 4 years. If you have no idea how to play the season journey and get your equipment by now even if it is solo then maybe you should consider a different game…

The first question is: Are you playing hardcore?
That’s a totally different answer.

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Hey Nashi.

Yes im aware of how long ive played and should know this, But the constant changes of gears, sets etc, get very confusing a lot.

If my asking questions on what i should be doing annoys you, im very sorry to offend you

Doesnt offend at all, I just find it strange is all :rofl:

The problem is. They never played solo. Based on their previous posts.