What to stash and what to scrap?

I am currently a Paragon level 500+ demon hunter and having trouble getting through PR 70. What types of items do you normally keep in your stash vs what type do you normally scrap? I never know what to keep and my stash is overflowing.

Hopefully these should contain some useful pointers…


Read the 6-piece bonus for the UE set. You are missing a TON of Discipline. Fortunately, you haven’t ruined your pieces by poor enchanting (yet). Switch the Preparation rune to Invigoration. Roll Discipline on your bow, quiver, and cloak. Discipline is a secondary property, so make sure you re-roll the correct property. That will give you a ton of extra damage.

There are better legendary gems to use than what you are currently using. Also, sockets are primary properties, not secondary. I’m guessing that’s why you chose to re-roll the secondary on your amulet instead of primary?


Thank you very much. I am still new to learning this game and it’s a lot to take in. I re rolled my bow and quiver so far and added discipline (almost doubled it) and getting through GR 70 was much easier. Now I have a better understanding, so hopefully things will get easier.


You can also check maxroll.gg, there you can find everything you need to know