What set is the best with angry chicken?

I remember a few years ago you could run a speed build with both HT gargs or Arachyr and the manajuma set and I loved it. I’m wondering if HT gargs is still the best, or if you can use Manajuma angry chicken with a different set now?

Basically, i want a speed T16 farm build using Angry Chicken, what works best?

arachyrs if you want hex to do damage, it doesn’t matter what set you use it with if your damage is coming from something else (like gargs)

Imo Helltooth gargantuans is still the best chicken build.


Alright, cool. I’ll dust those builds off, thanks guys.

Yeah I gotta agree on Helltooth Garg… makes doing Boss Mode really manageable.


If your talking about kill all bosses in 20 minutes , isn’t this on a low tier like 10 I always forget anyway arachyr with ring of emptiness and locust swarm damage shoulder, neck, off-hand, vile hive and locust swarm do fire damage boss will be killed in seconds by locust, if you want them to die quicker send one firebat flying with ehthreal that has the speed/dmg increase.


Necro-ing this post as it’s still relevant. I suspect with the new changes to Shukrani it will be Jade Harvester using locust swarm to clear the screen as you run at least for GR 75 Speeds. Outside of that… idk because the chickens may proc on a lone elite from afar and it’s untested (till tomorrow) if the damage will snapshot before dropping off. maybe can even do 90s will have to test.

After you turn into the chicken, are you able to keep spawning pets and then keep respawning chickens? Like using the “when enemies die in the grasp of the dead” or the circle of life passive that spawns zombie dogs or the Homunculus offhand in the cube that spawns zombie dogs every few seconds…do they continue to spawn a zombie dog and then turn it into a chicken after you’ve turned into a chicken already?

Never played WD seriously, but being tired of D4 and D3/29 with my DH.
I was kinda upset my DH couldnt get cluckeye anymore to give his follower, so i looked it up and that led me to the chicken build, and i thought hello hello, that could be fun. My biggest problem is not being able to tell if locust swarm is still going, i have the skill that supposedly makes it last almost forever, but how can i tell when i need to renew it ?

Also, even though im not fully up with knowledge on the build, i still run through GR90’s quite easily in around 5 mins.