What Mod Support Will D2R Have?

Although it is sad :disappointed_relieved: , but people don’t really need PlugY in D2R. Most of its feature is in D2R already.

When they are making a remaster, it becomes their business. If they want to create a faithful remaster, preserving the gameplay.
That very much include the modding scene.

Tens of thousands…

You dont exactly need to be part of some “community” to use mods.

Also Plugy developer saying the game cant support plugy, due to Blizzards added restrictions.

I hope you are right.
Still Blizzard should be more forthcoming with information.

They gave information about ladder at least.
People should have that information, to make a qualified decision on whether they want to buy the game.

They outright promised modding would be a thing, and even said they would make it easier.

Larger stash is still the big one.

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So, HeroEditor for offline editing, this also may not be possible?

Dont know, but since that is just file editing, I would guess it is possible. Wouldn’t truly consider that modding.

For people (including me) that enjoy completing the Holy Grail, yes, we would need unlimited stash since currently there is a limit of 20 characters. With this restriction, there is no way to hold all the items to hold all the items.

That said, I started this thread not to debate if we need XYZ mod, but because the more I look around the more I see mods being stopped due to some restriction/removal of access Blizzard has recently changed.

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Nah. Not what I intended to press upon. Was more so stating most people that use mods were users that went through Phrozen Keep. The users registered there is a sample number of the amount of people that mod. Of course, there are a bit more outside of their community but to get an idea, Phrozen Keep is a good place to look to.

As with BrotherLaz’s outcry against D2R, this is the same scenario. Neither of them have evidence that modding will not be possible in the way they want it to be. Just baseless claims.

It would be nice but I also see why they won’t tell us. Never play your cards until you’re ready to. In this sense, they may not be ready to tell us what they have in store so it wouldn’t make sense to tell us what they’ve got, if anything at all.

Typically people make justified judgement calls as to whether or not they will buy a game based off of concrete information. We have virtually nothing concrete yet about the stuff we do want, not because they refuse to tell us, but because they’re simply likely no ready to yet.

No promises we made. They were tactical business claims based on advertising and what people want/what they know people wanted. The game was still deep in development by the announcement of D2R and the (keyword here) planned features. No where did they promise they would be included, but they did however say that they wanted to include it. The same holds true for TCP/IP.

They then said when it was removed.
If anything changes from the initial modding promise, they should likewise give new information.

But as I just finish saying, nothing was promised. Tactical business claims were made.

I don’t understand why these kinds of threads and posts continue to crop up when in the face of posts like mine which present evidence to hold to the contrary of the people I keep responding to. Is it really that much easier to be ignorant or easily persuaded by false information even in the face of evidence proving otherwise to the nonsense they are told?

It’s really frustrating and quite saddening that people choose to be negative instead of remain in search of the truth and optimism. I get that it’s easier to be upset and disgruntled, but you’re doing nothing for yourself, anyone else or the game you so want.

lol, did you not read the linked tweet from Blizzard I posted at the start of this thread? It literally says yes, moding support will be a thing.

I’ll post it here again:


Optimism without reason is just hope.

Some people were also optimists before D3 release, despite the many warning signs.
Better to call out the issues as we see them, as soon as possible.

Sigh… That is not a promise, therefore they are not to be expected to include it if they found a reason to not include in. Why are you contorting information to suit your needs?

Calling people out is the same as shaming. The D2R team has nothing to be ashamed of. They’re just doing their job and they aren’t required to cue us into every single little thing we see fit to ask about. Rod Fergusson has been doing gods work in giving us bits of info here and there, but he isn’t required to. He’s being nice enough to do that little bit of extra work, but look where it’s gotten everyone - expecting more and more information because they’re being spoiled - which is one of the big reasons why public engagement is not a high priority for them.

Better yet, I’ll sign off from this conversation here as it will go nowhere. Don’t like repeating myself.

Who is calling people out? Calling Blizzard out. Rod might just have happened to be the one saying the words. Not at all going after him.

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I would expect a change on their legal site about the section “User Generated Content Agreements”. I would also expect some kind of planned mod support in their advertisement because “modding” is certainly a popular feature to have.
Generally speaking they don’t need to confirm nor deny the feature and they also don’t need to advertise it.
To keep the hopes up i think you guys can just hope that it will be an unannounced feature to be added.

While they dont need to announce anything, the thing is, they already did announce it. So if the product changes, and they dont make sure to say it, like they did with the TCP/IP, then it seems like a very clear case of lying/false advertisement.


It’s not advertised on their shop page at all. In fact it is not even mentioned.

Their twitter, youtube, Blizzcon etc. are still official sources for their product.

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That’s correct and i am not denying that they mentioned mod support in any way.
As of now they are not advertising mod support on their official shop site for the release on 23rd of September.
I am torn on what to believe from Blizzard nowadays because they have been quiet good in creating hype for their games. Therefore i stick to what they officially put on their shop page because it’s what i am paying for in the pre order.
Things might change on the 23rd and further down the road.

Just a few days ago Blizzard posted the thread I linked above. That said, I’m still unsure what Mod Support D2R will have. Taking a snip-it out of that post this is what they mention about Mod Support:

Blizzard still seems to be quite vague with what can/cannot be done. It seems like Multiplayer Mod Support is not allowed, but what about Single Player Mods such as PlugY? Will that be blocked as well?