What legendary gem should I use to augment my ancient pig sticker?


With Invoker Thorns build in mind.


The Legendary gem doesn’t matter, only the Flawless Royal color.
Just don’t try it with a Gem of Ease and remember that the regular gem uses the “other”. Red=STR, Purple=VIT, etc.
Using a Topaz on a weapon will not give you thorns.


What do you mean it doesn’t matter? I thought the item would be given the stats and power of the legendary gem.


No, it is given the stat of the colored gem.


So what is the purpose of the legendary gem?


Augment recipe requires it. The level of the leg gem determines how much stat is added.
The only stats you can get are Dex, Str, Int, and Vit. Diamonds don’t work.


I see. Thank you. Quite confusing at first.


That’s why many players augment with leg gems that they would not normally equip, such as Moratorium


That still requires that they spend time leveling up the gem.


Exactly. By the time you need an Augment, you should already have other gems leveled.
After all, what do you do when you complete a GR and the gems you are using only have an 8% chance at an upgrade?
That’s when you use Urshi to start leveling the others for augment purposes.


Think of it as a sacrifice on the gem. The time spent leveling isn’t a waste though, you are gaining Paragon as you do it.


Yes, but it can be still quite a tedious task to level several gems from 0 to 100+.

I just applied a number augments in a row and now will go through a lot of low level GRs (lvl 75).

Thankfully, each GR won’t take a lot of time (2 to 5 min each depending on the build), but going through them like 80+ times isn’t that appealing to me…


re yessquire’s post
Just to be clear, you will not get Thorns from a topaz, if you augment your weapon using the Kanai cube.

You definitely will, however, get Thorns if you augment your weapon by dropping the topaz into the weapon’s socket!



Augments add base stats to your weapon. The gem you use means naught.


Just don’t use Gems that have a level cap, i.e. Boon of the Hoarder, Iceblink, Esoteric, etc. Because otherwise you might hit those level caps and then be unable to level that Gem further and be stuck with a low level augment you didn’t want.