What is preferred barb build?

What’s preferred and why?

Other (pvm builds)

With a quick internet search you’ll find the best pvp guides on d2jsp and diabloii.net with plenty of in depth explanations. As for the best pvm guide, that would be my ww barbarian but I’m yet to make a guide. I can kill solo kill hell Diablo in less than 2 seconds in an 8 player game.

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Nice, and yeah there’s a bunch of purpose builds one can put together. Just polling what people prefer =D

my preferable Barb build is on a spare CD key as a support Role to shout battle orders before I do my MF or Cbaal run. (this is perfectly fine according to blizzard i’m doing nothing shady)

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My favorite one was the dragoon (leap attack barbarian, I call it dragoon because it reminds me of the final fantasy archetype of a jumping warrior with a lance). I really like it mostly for this similarity with the FF characters I’m invested in, but it is actually pretty fun to play, you jump on things and they die. I’m not sure how viable it is (I know it used to be very strong, I have no idea if they nerfed it in later patches, but I do play it on 1.14) but I’ve been able to clear hell with it without much difficulty at least on softcore. I like to use it with the IK set, when I can get the damn chestpiece, but I think it can be built with other stuff

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Dude leap attack barbs if I’m remembering correctly, hit 100% of the time in older patches, despite where you landed relative to your target (as long as you clicked the monster). This build wasn’t only viable, but hella powerful too as older patches were HARD AF!

Ah yes, I remember this when I tested old patches on singleplayer. Sadly the build is not THAT strong anymore but still fun to play