What is best RGK build?

Hey guys, been playing this season pretty casually but got my choice of pretty good ancients for just about any set.
My friends are playing wiz and ZDPS barb so since I can’t play zbarb also I was trying to come up with the best single target damage build we have as barbs.
The Wiz explodes groups so I’d just need to kill yellows and rift guardian.
So what’s the best build for this. Is it frenzy?

If you are asking specifically about the best barbarian RGK, then yes it would be frenzy. However, frenzy is much worse than some other RGKs, such as Rathma’s, or even impale.

Wizard does not even need an RGK for 3man though. Wizard will probably kill the RG before a frenzy barb could. The best build for the third person with a Tal’s and zBarb this season is a zDH.


Thanks for the info!

I think Melon is almost certainly right about a zDH being the best 3rd character to add to that party. But, if you didn’t want to play a support, I do think a Frenzy RGK could probably help down bosses pretty fast (you would take the WotB crucible power for a bit of extra damage). But, Frenzy RGK is super glassy- ideally you run Aughild, EW, and CoE, which means no BoM.

Another option in this season might actually be to run LoD HotA- you could basically run double dps, where both you and the Wiz both contribute to killing trash, and to killing the boss as well. Not a totally optimized party setup, of course, but could be pretty fun.

I 2-man with wiz & there’s no issue killing the rg to 150. Just need adds.

I would play a Shockwave barb. Ik hota would work too.

Wiz is stronger on the RG without ads, as it gets a 50% multiplier from nilfurs boots. Although with bosses like saxtris and hamlin, I’ve found the kill time to be about the same as a single target. All other ad bosses are slower.

dude i play with is all area damage. i just round the stuff up. shrug, lol

Yeah, as he should be. Still should be faster on a single target.

Adds spawn oculus also which is a pretty good boost in dmg.

I just tested frenzy barb as a rgk. I have almost 3k paragon and a pretty well geared frenzy barb with main gems on 150 and fully augmented gear. I needed almost 2min to kill a rift guardian without ads in gr 135.

As a contrast my impale dh with much weaker gear kills the same rift guardian on gr 145 in around 1 min.

Sanctified Wrath of the berserker is actually a very helpful group buff for your trash killer but you don’t have the damage for high gr rift guardians in reasonable time. And if you are unlucky and have to fight a rift guardian that spawns adds then it takes you even longer to kill anything.

If you are really determined to go for it and make it work and your teammates don’t have a problem with it then give it a try. I’d love to see frenzy barb as a commonly used rgk in high gr pushing

Hmm, sounds like something probably went wrong with your RGK setup. Here’s Rob killing a boss in a 4p 150 in 1:55.

Granted, he has almost 7k paragon here, and so has probably about 1.75 - 2X your mainstat, but a 150 RG also has about 10.5x as much life as one on 135. So the net “effective” life increase for his boss, compared to yours, should be something like 5.25x (i.e. 10.5 / 2).

And, since Stricken generally limits the time increase for killing a target to the SQRT of the health increase, that means he should have seen something like (√5.25) * 2 = ~4:30 - 4:45 for his boss kill.

(Oh, and of course, Rob also doesn’t have the benefit of the WOTB Crucible here, which gives about a 40% damage bump when it’s active).

So it definitely sounds like you are missing some significant dps on your character. Are you running Focus + Restraint + Squirt + CoE? Or Focus + Restraint + Squirt + Aughild? Those are the two setups that will give you the most damage. But, they are very glassy.

I was running endless walk+aughild+coe

That’s certainly not a bad setup either. Not sure why there’s such a disparity between your kill time and Rob’s…

How much mainstat have you got?

I had Around 29k mainstat

Hmm, so yeah, Rob only has about 60% more mainstat than you in that video (46.5k). And, that video is with Zmonk, not ZDH (which I assume was what your party was using?) so that’s even less damage available. Strange.

He does use Pig Sticker, which gives a ~30% damage buff vs humans or beasts, which works on a few bosses (Hamelin, Sand Shaper, Stonesinger, and Agnidox are the only ones, I think). But I still don’t feel like that accounts for the difference in time/tier between your observed kill and Rob’s…

What offhand were you using?

I don’t know maybe focus and restraint does make a bigger difference then endless walk

I was using echoing fury as second weapon

I call streamer shenanigans

That might be part of the problem- for RGK, EF is a bad weapon. You can’t fear bosses to get the 100% 2-piece bonus, and you’ll only get stacks vs an adds boss, which Frenzy is bad at anyway…

I’d go with Azurewrath, Doombringer, Pig Sticker, Sun Keeper, or even Nutcracker over EF.

Well, you had EW + Aughild + CoE, which gives roughly 2 * 1.3 * 1.3 * 1.55 = 5.24x

Rob has F+R + CoE + Squirt, which gives 1.5 * 1.5 * 1.55 * 2 = 6.97x , so that’s 1.33x your damage. Not nothing. Plus in the video, another 1.3x from Pig Sticker, so that would be 1.33 * 1.3 = 1.73x. That definitely accounts for some of the difference.

My buddy rolled a Zdh and a wiz so we have the options for a good 3 man and a good 4 man team. My friend and I got a 10 min 150 with plugging less than 10 keys and compared to other peoples paragon the 2 person board is way under leveled so feeling good about that.
I’m still only pushing zbarb as this is the most amazing season ever for a zbarb.