What build use bone spirit?

Maybe a LoD setup? Since pestilence doesn’t buff bone spirit and inarius tornado only hit about 15 yard radius.
Or maybe trag’ouls + jesseth?

Auramancer/Lazymancer uses it to proc Krysbins and kill elite/RG

The build itself however is only useful for speed farming low GRs and T 13 as its has very little scaling and hasnt been balanced in line with the ever increasing power creep.

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks trying to create a build that revolves around Bone Spirit and I won’t say it’s impossible but damn near so due to the lack of items and skills to create good synergies. The only decent ways to use the skill I’ve found so far are the following:

  1. The obvious RGK killer where you stand at the far end of a large corridor, pop Land of the Dead, fire as many Bone Spirits as you can before LotD expires, and then follow them to the other side of a long corridor where the Rift Guardian is waiting to get nuked by the scaling damage of Death’s Bargain.

  2. Integrating the Possesion rune into a Pestilence build where the charm proc is used for survivability. When a tough elite group appears, you can charm blues and minions and focus all your attacks on the yellow for a few seconds. This of course comes at the cost of sacrificing another skill which, depending on the skill sacrificed, simply might not be worth it.

  3. The last, and most interesting option, that could be developed further and really needs more testing, is an LoD build where you generate your own corpses in order to continuously spam Bone Spirits. With the right skills and items, Bone Spirits can actually be spawned at a really high rate which looks super impressive for a skill that normally doesn’t allow it. On an open or corridor shaped map, this build might actually have some potential and feels really powerful as you slowly move forward surrounded by an army of Spirits that auto-target and one shot most enemies that enter your screen. The problem, and this is a HUGE one, is that this requires you to fish for a map with long straight corridors which I just find to be extremely boring.

I saw a video wherein it was used as GR150 RG killer…
The RG killer would start hacking as much as possible (to proc Stricken Stacks), then run to a very very far corner and launch Bone Spirits towards the RG… RG dies instantly!

not fun to play imo…

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I hope pestilence in future have bone spirit insted of bone spear - which has masquarade set

Hope this changes masquarade 6st bonus insted of 6000 give 12000

Pestilence set
2st bonus in adition consumed corpse reduce calldown of bone spirit by +1 sec.
4st bonus increase to 75% dmg reduction and 3% insted of 2% per hit
6st bonus insted of 3300% to bone spear is 2000% to bone spirit for every second is released max 6 stacks.
Corps lance and corpse explosion increase to 6000%

Pants for bone spirit give diferent bonus - its: dmg for every second of released bone spirit is max insted - (12000 on hit) and give + Efect of unfinished business rune.

Or may be better let 6000% to bone spirit and efect of every second that is released together - combinated with efect of pants 500% per sec max to 5 sec
Then will be 2500% x 6000% on hit and efect of unfinished business rune - to hit more enemies.