What am i doing wrong?

Hello everyone, can you please check my character and tell me what im doing wrong? I get killed by anything in the game, 1 explosion, 1 fireball, 1 lightning hit, even 1 touch from normal monster (non-elite normal ones, even spider). It’s getting so annoying, i can kill them with 1 shot but i get killed with 1 touch too, is it normal? or if it’s not can you give me some advice, thanks.
here’s my character:

What difficulty are you running?

If you are pushing too high a GR, your paragon is too low and you have no ancients with augments. Switch out blood vengeance passive for cheat death passive is going to help a lot.

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no it’s only torment 16, bounties, naphealm rift etc

Use Numbing Traps instead of Blood vengeance
You dont need Rain of vengeance, use a defensive skill such as Fan of knives Armor blades (or Companion for more damage)
Roll off some of AD into Cooldown for 100% Vengeance Dark heart uptime (this will also allow you to spam Smoke screen)


If it is only T16 then the problem is class understanding. Pretty much all damage DH builds can be glass cannons. They are designed that way as is WD and Wiz. Barbs, monks, and crusaders can be kinda mindless and not worry as much about big damage shots as they have more built in toughness.

A big part of the way DH plays is knowing positioning. Explosions, molten, fat bastards exploding, pulsing ice balls will do significant damage. Learning position for these huge damage dealers comes with playing the class. It is a total different playstyle than the meat head classes.

Using a cheat death will help. Use Elusive Ring in cube will help (You don’t need COE if you are 1 shotting everything and toughness is a problem). As lightstorm said, FoK/Bladed Armor will help a lot. After that, find some ancient pieces and augment them. Mainstat on DH early helps a lot more with toughness than it does with damage.

Do a few of these fixes and T16 will be pretty smooth.


Hi there, you have a low Dawn with only 55% Vengeance cooldown and not many cooldown rolls. It means you’ll lose Vengeance for long periods of time and make you a bit squishier and you also lose damage when it’s down. For t16 it may be better to roll the area damage on gloves to cooldown but that will only make a small difference.

Focus & Restraint is overkill for T16. As others have said, Elusive Ring and/or Unity (follower also needs a Unity and can’t-die token) work well.

good luck!


I propose

  • Cubing dawn to get much better Vengeance dark heart uptime. 100% uptime is quite important when you are otherwise squishy
  • Swapping rain of vengeance to Fan of knives / Bladed armor.
  • Putting some paragon to vitality until you have better toughness otherwise. (You have a little low amount of vitality from gear.)
  • If you still get one-shotted, Consider temporarily using some other amulet than Squirts.
  • Try finding bracers with closer to max legendary value

Then for T16 runs you can make yourself practically invulnerable by wearing boon of hoarder + goldwrap (and avarice band to follower). You need to then leave out you damage pants.

The damage mitigations from the set, bracers and Vengeance, combined with the Fortress Ballista absorb shield should be enough to keep one alive against most enemies with ease. But as mentioned, major part of the DH gameplay is positioning. Some enemy attacks deal a lot of damage but are slow to hit and thus can be avoided. Don’t just plow into packs of enemies, try run around them. When you see on-death explosions from Molten elites, any Grotesques, etc, avoid them, on higher levels they can oneshot you regardless of the amount of damage mitigation you have.


Consider getting more HP if possible. Also, you can swap out the gems in your armor for the green ones. You’ll get more damage and armor from that.

Also consider using Mantle of Channeling for its 25% damage reduction. See this build for more clarification: https://us.diablo3.blizzard.com/en-us/profile/Mystix-1551/hero/139617936 - this was what I started the season with but moved to Wizard shortly after gearing it. I can’t recall but I think I cleared up to GR 130 with this.

The rest of it is playstyle issues I’m sure.

Diamonds are better in chest and pants than emeralds in Kedi’s situation. For him it’s a question of setting up the build “correctly” and getting the right flow when playing. It would be a good idea to watch some yoube videos on how to play: diablo 3 god demon hunter.
God= gears of dreadland


You might also consider RoRG in the cube, and Guardian’s helm+belt. At that low para, you will gain TONS of damage and survivability from that.


If your damage is pretty high then you can even drop depth diggers and cube a goldwraps belt, put on a boon of the hoarder and have billions of toughness. You can also put a flavor of time on your follower