What am I doing wrong?

I’m playing Season 25 solo as wizard on Typhon Set. Both the set and the shield (winter flurry) have Topaz gems. Both Magistrate Helm and Serpent of Sparkler have Fragment of Destruction and Dregs of Lies @ maximum rank. Amulet and rings are Star of Azkaranth, Karini and Convection of Elements with Bane of Stricken, Enforcer and Bane of Trapped gems @ rank 84. Ashnagarr Blood Bracer and Shame of Delsere belt completes the set. Skills are Spectral Blade, Hydra, Teleport, Storm Armour Magic Weapon and Blizzard. Passive skills are Galvanising Ward, Elemental Exposure, Illusionist and Audacity. Cube has Fragment of Destiny, Tasker and Theo and Ring of Royal Grandeur.
I have, to the best of my knowledge, fine-tuned everything correctly yet I’m unable to go past GR91 within the required time and dying 6 or so times doesn’t help either. So, I’m looking to gain an edge, but I’m stuck. What am I missing, what am I doing wrong-----help


Thanks but it is quite confusing considering that it doesn’t agree with Icy Veins set up-------which is which? All that it raises are more confusing cross over suggestions

Generally, the build guides on Icy Veins are a couple of years old. Maxroll’s guides are up-to-date so, if there’s a discrepancy in the advice, I’d be inclined to use Maxroll’s guides. You also have to be aware that on the Maxroll guides, they have tabs at the top for things like speed-farming (rifts / bounties), speed GRs, push GRs, group setups and so on. The gearing, and potentially the gems, may vary depending on what type of content you’re doing and at what difficulty.


G’day Meteorblade long time no hear. This is where to me this game is so confusing, far way too many variants. I’ve listed my gear/gems/skills and set What else can I possibly add? I’ve reached GR91 and have hit a brick wall. I can’t move forward because everything that I’ve now have in hand isn’t good enough to stop me from dying. Here’s something. I’m unable to attach a shard into the Winter Flurry shield. I have heaps of shards but unless I can argument them I’m going to lose them. So the edge I’m looking for isn’t around yet countless others state that GR91 is easy since they moved further up the scale. That’s it I’m stuck. And why not half the abbreviations used I don’t understand and sheets upon sheets of research didn’t help.

You can tell if a build has been updated and when. Plus, it will give you build variations for the current Season and Patch.


The reason I knew some of their guides are old is because their Barbarian Immortal King guide still has IK/HOTA, rather than a WW/Rend build on it.

Soul shards can only go in weapons that go into your main hand, i.e. as you’re looking at your hero’s character sheet, they can only go into the left weapon. Also, Winter Flurry isn’t a shield, it’s an orb / source and you shouldn’t be putting a gem of any sort into it, because it shouldn’t have a socket in it. The guide suggests Critical Hit Chance and +Hydra damage so if you have a socket in it, you’re missing one of those.

It sounds like the main problem is that you don’t understand the basics of the game. That is one of the major weaknesses of depending on build guides. You really need to study them to understand WHY they recommend certain items. If you just use items because you are told to, then it gets confusing when different guides recommend different items.

It’s like cooking: You can look up recipes for a certain dish, and there will be many of them with slight variations. If you don’t know what the ingredients actually do, then it will all be a confusing mess.

So you need to pay attention to why certain items are recommended and what they do. You also need to pay attention to the item properties. You list the items that you have on, but what about their properties? Each item can have certain properties, like main stat, vitality, all resist, critical damage, etc. Those are just as important as the item itself. So you can have the appropriate item equipped, but if they are poorly rolled (their properties are not ideal), then you are going to be limited in how far you can push.

So you complain of dying too much at GR91. That means you toughness isn’t enough to survive. So do you know how to increase your toughness? What properties are used to increase it and on what items those properties can be found? Have you enchanted your items to improve them? If you don’t understand these basic principles of the game, then unfortunately you are going to be very frustrated.

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Also, Winter Flurry isn’t a shield-------Aha, you’re right I’ve overlooked that thanks mate. This is what I was hoping for, overlooking something as simple as this blasted thing.
Timberwolf—You really need to study them----mate I have and yo are right I do not understand. I’m used to playing Railway Tycoon this is completely different, only problem is I love playing it.
That means you toughness isn’t enough to survive------this is why I cried help.
Have you enchanted your items to improve them?—yes but still not good enough again hence the reason for crying out. This is why I listed all my gear/gems hoping that someone can sot any mistakes I’ve done.

Just listing gear isn’t enough. Since armory is broken atm, we can’t see what enchants and buffs you have on your gear.

Are your buffs matching your skills? Does your boots buff XX skill but you aren’t using that skill? That might be your problem.

Yep most likely, and there’s no way I can improve/learn. How can I make sense of this. Maxroll Typhon Hydra Wizard Guide states to use purple gems (vitality) yet another site states that Intelligence (Topaz) the Character Attribute for a Wizard–which is which? It’s like trying to learn a new language with opposing teachers.

This is why it was suggested to read the guide and understand what the items do instead of just doing what is suggested in the guide.

You need to understand what the gems do, and make that decision yourself. A guide can not tell you which is best to use in your specific case.

The choice of gems for Typhon mainly depends on your paragon level and what stats your gear happened to roll.

If you have low Vitality, then your shields will also be weak because shields are based on your health pool, in which case you might want to use Amethyst. If you have plenty of Vitality, but are low on armor, then you might need to use Ruby or Emerald. If you have plenty of toughness from Vitality and Armor, then you would use Topaz.

If you need both armor and vitality, then you can put paragon points in Vitality, and use Ruby/Emerald in armor.

Other classes that use Dexterity or Strength, would usually use Diamonds for toughness, and later on use Ruby/Emerald for damage when they have higher paragon level.

It also depends on the content. If you are running bounties or rifts, then you might not need that much toughness and just want to be able to one-shot everything, so you might swap from Amethyst to Topaz for a glass-cannon build.

There is not a concrete answer to this question because each case is different depending on your gear, setup, and paragon level. You need to be able to identify where your deficit is, and make changes accordingly. When I start a season and after I have all the pieces for the build, I change my setup probably 50 times as my stats and paragon level change. You need to be able to identify how the pieces of gear interact, what your deficits are, and know how to change your setup accordingly, even when it counteracts any guide.

On Maxroll, they show 6-7 typical setups per set, but in reality, there are hundreds and hundreds of variants, and I rarely use any cookie-cutter build because they will never be optimized for every situation.

For 2 minute GRs, you need one build. For 5 min GRs, you need another. For 8 min GRs, you need to tweak some things. For 10-15 min GR, You need to make more changes. If you add another player, you need to completely change your build again depending on what they bring to the table.

This is why we say you need to understand the build and how the pieces interact, because there is no guide that can cover every situation.

It can also be difficult to just look at another person’s profile, and quickly identify which gems would be better. This is something you need to identify mid-battle. What is killing you? Is it elemental damage? Melee? How many hits can your shields take before they break, etc. How big is your shield? I typically try to have around 1M shield in town with no other buffs. These are questions only you can answer.

I would recommend re-reading TimberWolf’s post from up above. He nailed it perfectly, specifically about comparing the stats on your items with those in the guide.


VitaKaninen----------Thanks mate, you are making sense. I went motorcycle riding this morning and thought about what TimberWolf’s said. I still have along way to go to fully comprehended, but I now believe that you two are now steering me in the right direction. Your definition has helped. Once again guys thanks

I think it’s fine for SET DUNGEON guide to be several years old. They don’t get changed that often.

Btw, Maxroll’s IK build uses HOTA too and it’s over 1 year old.