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Hello D3 hooligans. Seriously? 20 Char? Why not 5 char. mandatory posting. Yeesh, i almost feel like i’m on the EVE online forums, except I see Blizzard and not CCP.

@Nevalistis hmm, apparently @name doesn’t work.
Anyway if you see this Nev, does this mean you will be more active with us console players?


It’s all new EddieLMT.

good luck and see you another time m8!


Ok, here we go. Minimum 20 characters now.


20 characters required

Hi I am new to D3 forums just upgrade to PS4 consoles, I was playing Atari till 2019. Many Atari mates but no PS4 mates

If anyone can help Power Level me do let me know. I am not a long time PC D3 player


something I noticed, which homer, you have access to. We cannot @names apparently, and we are severely locked down on these forums compared to those with PC access just like on the old forums. This is utter bullsh1t. It really is.
(it won’t blur out curse words like on the old ones… now it won’t even let you post it.)


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm trying it @EddieLMT

EDIT…didn’t work mate


I figured you could since you had the PC version. On the general discussion and other boards topics i visited, it mentioned @name could be used to tag, but i guess not,or its not working as intended.


On General Forums you get “Trust Levels” but not here?


It would appear so. once again, console players get shafted, and NO BLUE has even came to the console forums…


I thought we all knew console players got shafted lol


I had a tiny sliver of hope that we wouldn’t get the big blue shaft. but i was wrong.


Lol well thats fine… I guess i can continue to give fellow Monk and Barbs advice on Reddit.

U know we’ve entered the Twilight Zone when a console player gives a new PC player advice/help lol.


That’s certainly the intent. To be as active as I can be in as many places as possible.

I mentioned this elsewhere, but it’s more likely I’ll be more active closer to PTRs and Patch Cycles (when we have the greatest agility to take action on feedback, bug reports, and the like), and more conversational/occasional at other times, based on juggling my other work tasks. Just to set expectations. :slight_smile:

This is because of spam protection rules. There are a select number of forums that don’t require a PC license to post in, which is validation that we can check for on the forums. This is necessary for the Console forums, since it’s a platform where we don’t have a way to sync your proof of ownership as a spam protection measure.

I’m actually not 100% certain how the Trust Level system is impacted by the difference between licenses required to post, but I do believe you’ll gain access to more features as your Trust Level increases. It’s just a bit more restricted in the open forums because they are more susceptible to spam bots. :frowning:


So huh…more active? Because let us be honest, whilst I’m sure most of us appreciate the work Nevalistis does as a CM (I’m sure she posted a while ago what it entailed on a weekly basis and it was pretty insane) the fact is we Console players do not get much interaction or any blue posts in our forums.

Whilst D3 forums can get pretty toxic on General I’d like to think those Console players who stick around on here are far more “seasoned” let us say.

So when questions pop up about Season start times etc it would be nice for the CM to post threads, stickies or simply chime in.

Now then…about Nephalem Glory orbs on console… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: