Weekly challenge completed but no loot cache


i completed the weekly challenge but i didnt get the reward loot cache and i dont seem to have it

please help



Not much that can be done on the forums…

If you’ve completed Challenge Rifts previously, then you know that you need to:

  • quit the game after speaking with Edira,
  • switch back to the hero you want to claim the Challenge Rift reward on (your seasonal hero, usually);
  • launch a new game with that hero;
  • open the e-mail in the bottom left corner of the screen; and
  • send the reward to your inventory.

If you haven’t completed a Challenge Rift previously, give those steps a try.

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no mail
no nothing


In that case… not much left to say… you can hope that the QA Team sees your post and can replicate the bug in their labs (I had no problem with the Challenge Rift…but I did it on Americas, not Europe). They would then pass it on to the Devs for fixing. No idea how long that could take.

You can try again… but if you’ve already completed it, it’s unlikely that you will get another reward. Still, it’s probably worth a try.

The only other alternative if you want the reward (for the Altar ?), is to wait till next Monday when CR resets.

it seemed like an ordinary weekly run … nothing different with repro steps in particular…
yes, i wanted it for the altar … no i just have to wait a damn week

sigh … it is what it is, thanks. let’s hope the devs see this and magic wand my loot in the inv ^^

Today is Friday, February 23, 2024.

Challenge Rifts reset every Monday, sometime in the afternoon. Is it possible you already completed this week’s Challenge Rift?

Also, did you beat the original player’s time. When you talk to Edira, she always congratulates you. But, if she adds: “Please try again”  it means you didn’t complete it in time.

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That’s unlikely to occur… they haven’t in the past.

Good luck in your games.

Same issue for me. Playing D3 on Xbox Series X in Season 30, have completed the challenge rift the last two weeks and have not been able to collect the challenge rift cache after logging back into any of my seasonal characters. I have completed the season journey and alter of rites. Is this a bug, or after completing season journey and alter, are you not allowed to collect any more caches? BT : TheSarge#1599 || XBOX : GoliathsRevenge

On the consoles… yes, I read that it can be, especially on the Nintendo Switch.

Check the Console Bug Report forum.

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