WeAkly Challenge Rift Reward Not Generating

So, second week in a row with no challenge rift reward. I am getting “rift off.”
Not certain if it has to do with newish Hardcore Seasonal I created 3 weeks ago or the fact that I upgraded my One X to an X series (2 months ago). I’ve had a “great success” many times last week and today, but no reward. I did not have trouble with these under my “regular” Seasonal character, nor in the many years prior under the One X. Trying to finish the season and really want the rewards to help me nab a conquest. Only odd thing was that when I upgraded my console, I lost my profile/history- which sucked a bit. However, it’s been fun starting over, too. Previous to this HC seasonal, the regular Seasonal collected the Challenge rewards with no problem. Not certain why my HC seasonal is getting the finger. Thanks