We regret to inform you

Well it was a great run, and great fun.

Ultimate doh moment.

Equipped Immortal Kings just to test drop in set dungeon for the page needed next season. Didn’t bank my WW Rend gear (3 primals, all ancients, gems…), forgot to lower G16 to G6 or so, and got 1 shot by some random blue. Instant 2 cheats and a hit…

Man I would have been really mad if this was earlier in season, but all I can do now is /SMH. LOL

Stay safe kids

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Yeah. I see those every Season. I used to pick them up. But, you can’t do anything with them except sell them. And, if I remember correctly, you only get 1 Gold for them. Now, I just leave them on the ground. (I never paid attention to what they were called though: Never Ending Questions). I guess I’ll have to grab it when I do the Season 28 Journey Objective for the Set Dungeon and stash it away.

Sorry for your loss.  

Tough way to lose your gear, but still better than a DC. And the season is almost over.

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Yeah, I am not really upset about the gear, like you said the season is basically over, plus I never play Non-Season.

It’s the absolute absurdity of my brain fart that has me shaking my head. LOL

All good, it’s just part of the HC experience.