We need to talk about Triune red ring

Hello everyone and welcome to thread #1 the devs won’t read.

Why is the damage on triune ring so underwhelming? When we have oculus ring that is 85%?

Why don’t we put back triune ring to 100%, it’s only for 5 seconds every 30 seconds, chances are it’s not even going to be in a spot that’s optimal for damage.

“It’s Too powerful and it needs drawbacks”
There are already drawbacks with it.
It forces you to drink potion, leaving you more defenseless.
It might be blue or green ring that spawns instead.
It might spawn in unreachable or suboptimal areas.

These are the drawbacks I was able to come up with thinking about it for 5 minutes.


…And sometimes circles are spawn in unreacheble area.


This is definitely a bug. Circles should be drawn 100% within player reachable space.

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