We need another xpac

another xpac would be cool…

*act 6
*level cap 80

i know this is unrealistic but hey it does sound great!
WoW gets a lot of love with 10 xpacs… give d3 some with 1 more! <3


I personally would like to see a remaster much like D2r got.


graphics are still pretty dang good tho.

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I have a list of ideas on that matter that can be shared if things are going to turn out to be a reality.

With the game having gone out of development (retired) about three months ago and thus is now a member of the “legacy” games club, there’s essentially no chance of more content being added.


Pretty much this. Not going to happen.

But, this game is still far more fun than any of the Diablo releases since this one…just saying.



Hell no.

I don’t want 10 years of gear to be blacksmith mats as soon as the potential xpac is released. XPACs should add content and enhance the game, not obsoleting the previous content. Power creep does not equal content.


so sad. game has so much fuel left!

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Why? What would this even add? Simple answer: absolutely nothing.

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Yes. New skills. New Passive. New gear to farm.

But too bad, it won’t happen as Blizzard is currently focusing on D4 and Immortal development.

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As much as I’d like to see an xpac, that boat sailed about 10yrs ago. We were lucky to get so many years of ongoing patches with content.

It’s just a pity that the last pile of QoL additions are now locked behind seasons.

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I wouldn’t give this company another dime.

They could add all those without increasing the cap to 80.


Playing ARPG but allergy to leveling and gear farming. Why even need character level in the first place? :yawning_face:

I have no problem with either.

I feel an xpac should add content, not power creep and gear negation in lieu of content. That is simply lazy design. An xpac should build on previous content, not replace it. If I want a brand new game, I’ll go buy a brand new game.


D3 RoS added new content, new level and new gear. Work perfectly there. Not adding new level cap in expansion is what i would call it lazy.

I don’t see people complaining about replacing their lv30 gear when they reached Lv40 - 50 zones in many RPG games but somehow replacing Lv70 gear with Lv80 gear in D3 what-if-expansion is problematic now. :rofl:

Because in many, if not all RPG games, replacing end game gear with new end game gear is a very substantial difference vs leveling gear.

If you agree, do not reply.

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If the extra levels actually added something to the character development, it’d be fine to increase the cap. However since D3 treats character levels nothing but gates to lock skills and their runes behind, adding more levels adds no development. Which makes them completely meaningless.

Worse yet, if the gear scaling through the levels stays as it is now, the power creep at level 80 would be absurd. Just look how fast gear scaling ramps up between levels 61-70 and compare it to levels 1-60. To avoid this would require a complete rework of itemisation.

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ROS has been out now for over a decade. People have spent that time perfecting their gear or at least searching for as close to perfection as RNG has allowed them to get to.

This isn’t about dropping a level 35 item for a level 40 item whilst your hero’s heading towards the level cap, this is about gear you’ve spent a decade working on being replaced by level 71 rare drops.

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Agreed, however Blizzard has been “remastering” most of their older games. So its just a guess on my part that this is the next logical course they may take with d3.