"We are expecting exceptionally high player volume..."

“…during Diablo IV’s Open Beta Weekend. As such we have done absolutely nothing to increase server capacity. Login queues may be longer during peak playtimes this weekend and probably for the first month of the games release. Please think of the shareholders while you wait 1+ hours in queue.”

I like the nice little welcome message on the launcher, the self awareness that Blizzard has and the absolute lack of care. At least they admit it.


i waited 45min in the queue. got through creating my character, ran about 30 meters, killed 2 wild animals, knocked over some logs, and got kicked out of the game - “error code 30008”. i recreated the game, and currently am now staring at a black screen with a rotating icon in the bottom right hand corner for the last 20min.

10/10 would do again.

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“they’re testing what happens when the system is overloaded letting it fail on purpose!” is the current cope

Yup it still makes people wait in queues like it always has. And who the hell wants to test a system that tries to handle the load? That’s just crazy talk!

One of the execs is trying to upgrade his kitchen in his Florida vacation home. Don’t you know how expensive marble counters are?


Just played for 4 hours non stop with a queue of 3 mins and zero disconnects.

Seems they sorted the server issues to be honest.

Queue times were to be expected but now I can’t play for more than 5-10 minutes without a d/c.

Which isn’t worth waiting 20+ minutes every time.

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Got to make a character before the game crashed. After a 30 min queue. Now I have a 50 min one. Kind of doubting things will improve this weekend.

25 minutes…40 minutes…58 minutes…82 minutes…