WD Tweaks for Pushing

A while back I posted on the Wiz forums asking for tips on how to get my Wiz in the best possible spot for GR150. I started with the Maxroll build, but the endgame Wizard players suggested some important tweaks to fully maximize the char. The advice was awesome (made it to GR150 on both SC and HC). So long story short, I’m hoping to do the same for my Arachyr WD here.

I took a break from my WD and I’m just starting to pick it back up, so I know it still needs some work in terms of upgrades. I’ll get it there. I’m currently following the Maxroll guide.

So my question to the endgame WDs is essentially the same as it was for my Wizard:

Are there tweaks that need to be made to maximize the char’s potential? Changes in stat priorities? Changes in active or passive skills? Best item to use a crafted primal? Etc, etc. I’d like to push it as high as I can.

Just as a reminder: I’m still working on the gear. Not all of it matches Maxroll yet. Any suggested changes to stats would be changes from what Maxroll says, not necessarily what the character is wearing. And not everything is augmented yet.

Looks pretty similar to the WD I used to do up to GR139 a few seasons ago…

Minor differences…

  • I’ve got rubies rather than topazes in chest / legs for extra armour.
  • Where you have Horrify (for armour) I took Zombie Dogs (for Life On Hit).
  • Cubed, I took Wormwood so that Locust Swarm would be auto-applied. This means you don’t need the Pestilence rune to make it spread, and you can use Cloud Of Insects instead, so that affected mobs are doing 25% less damage to you.

When you’re pushing, the main thing you’re going to need to hunt for is specific end bosses, i.e. those that have very few or, even better, zero adds. If you get a boss that spawns a lot, your spiders are just going to be continually hitting the adds instead of the boss. If you get a boss like that, you’ll have to kite away and hope the boss (but not the adds) follows you so you have some single-target time with it. At higher GR levels certain bosses, e.g. Hamelin, are just a straight up end of run.

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If you can do it, replace Spirit Vessel with Pierce the Veil. You will gain a good boost in damage :wink:

And prefers Sacred Harvester to Echoing Fury in the cube. The (seasonal) bonus from the potion can already bring you “Frenzy”, so you’ll gain damage AND toughness.

I don’t link to my seasonal WD, I switch between Mundu and Arachyr, so it could be confusing, but I completed a GR141 with Arachyr in less 13 minutes, P27xx, without Conduit pylon.

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I’m trying to beat 150 with spiders myself. Currently at 147 but I have had a few close 150 attempts. My advice would be to switch Horrify to BBV Slam dance, Echo to Sacred Harvester, Spirit vessel to Pierce the Veil, and Swampland to Creeping death and take the attack speed bonus on your follower instead of the cheat death.

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Any thoughts on Traveler’s/Compass vs Squirts/CoE?

Squirts/CoE is stronger but it is not as consistent as Travelers set. It is very easy to get 1 hit when the Squirts buff/debuff is up. The biggest benefit is when you get a really good shield pylon. I used Squirts up to GR 140 but I had better luck with Travelers higher than that.