[WD] The New Affixes From Visions Hit Through Spirit Walk

I don’t know if this is a bug or intended, but on the off-chance its a bug, i’m reporting it

The affixes from the visions, particularly the aura applied one that reduces movement speed and increases your cooldowns, they are hitting me and applying through spirit walk, and spirit walk is also not able to remove the debuff

Again idk if this is a bug or intended, but in the passed spirit walk has granted immunity and removed almost any debuff i can think of, so i’m just wondering if its a bug

I noticed the same thing with the Invigorating Gemstone and the Enervating effect (since that one should be considered a control effect). I’m thinking the effect negation skills, items and gems should also work on the new affixes, since they expressly said they want to emphasize equipment and skill strategies over Para stats

also with akarat champion… looks like the debuff bypass any kind of cc immunity