WD SSF gets disconnected

Several times I have been running bounties or nr and the game freezes. My character can move but not interact with anything, my pets and the npcs are stationary. I can’t leave game nor exit from the menu. Today running a bounty in Westmarch Commons, same thing happened. Started typing this bug report and eventually got kicked to the Start Game menu. Has only happened on my SSF character, my necro has not had this issue.

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Also had this multiple times on my WD, only i didn’t get kicked to the start menu

I had to alt F4 or task manager close the game, and then when i tried to log back in i’d get error 395002 for 15-20 minutes, and when i would eventually get back in, my character would be rolled back a few levels with my items gone

I thouht it was just the servers playing up at first but wondering if it was because i was on WD as SSF too