WD Nerf Feedback

I’m a Japanese who has been playing WD for a long time on NA server hardcore.
I agree with Baskenater’s opinion.


Sorry but not sorry. After my wizard got nerfed to hell on EVERY build the past year, we get excluded from every GR push. Deal with it.
Before you get your precious build back, I want all my previous nerfed Wizard builds back. Archon, StarPact, Channeling. Oh and throw in stronger hydras and twisters while you’re at it. (Cause every build of ours is so bad!)

Maybe you should check the Firebirds/Rasha’s 150 builds.
Some of us like every class. WD has never really been a push build until Mundungu. Personally, I’d like every class to be equal but they do not seem to be succeeding too well with that.


This, exactly.
There would be a ton of viable WD builds if they would quite screwing around with extra chickens and buff serious supporting items.
Bakuli’s, Skrimshaw, Suwong, just to name a few.

I really think the devs got butt-hurt that no one cared about all their “hard work” on chickens and bears. The upgrades still underperformed, so we stuck with Mundunugu’s. Now we pay the price for being ungrateful.


I already know this about the PTR.

  1. Do you really think they will allow that broken build to go live?
    Think about that. we both know the answer to that.
  2. What about when Archon got nerfed? What about when channeling meteors got nerfed? And what about the weak hydras and weak/laggy twisters?

All our builds got nerfed and here you are talking about a PTR (non live change)…
And I’m talking about all the nerfed builds.

Mundunugus Regalia is the strongest wd lineup so far, that’s true, but it’s not stronger than the other lineups in the game !!! If this nerf is, then wd will be the weakest! :frowning: Nobody wants to play it!
Why don’t you want to raffle this report? When other wd sets are terribly weak and are terribly unbalanced compared to other sets of other characters + almost all legendary wd items are old without boost damage.
If you destroy like you plan on Mundunugus Regalia, then what do we have to play on wd? :frowning:
Don’t kill us wd!


The things is the WD people are talking about them breaking a build that was working - also in PTR - same thing really. The difference is the broken one will probably go live for the WD’s and not for the Wizards, so it’s a little messed up.


Wizard LoD twister was clearing 150s no problem last season and as a player who is usually wizard/wd main I can safely say that complaint is total garbage. WD has long been given the shaft and Munds was already nerfed once. Not only does the only DR for WD require you slot a specific weapon, bracer, skill (and usually languish), any time you die you have to carefully build up 10 stacks of soul harvest again which is utterly ridiculous on a non add spawning RG. Take your crybaby wiz comment and go to a different thread with that nonsense. Again, I main either a wiz or a wd every single season since s1 so it’s not like I’m prejudiced against wiz.

Side note: I’d love to see a boost to jade’s again, but highly unlikely.


I just love their excuse, “the set is over performing to other WD sets” which are garbage to the sets of all other classes.


I seriously think you’re right about this. Someone got butt hurt that their new builds were virtually dismissed altogether. It’s not our fault they don’t properly test things or pay attention when they get player feedback. Nice nametag btw.


Isnt chicken used for key runs? I sometimes see people in chat talking about it… So I am not sure if there are faster ones for the WD.

WD Nerf is not Needed, dont let it go Live Pls. WD in Season 22 wasnt that Strong compared to other Classes. So Why?


Why not? Before past year wiz had 2 years of dominance. Maybe not solo, but been meta trash killer had advantages. Blame your class down fall on no one but its own over dominance.

Take your attitude else where. This topic doesn’t even concern you.

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I do not think they would be that way inclined. They may not have been that happy but I do not believe they are malicious.
They were told the Zombie Bears and Angry Chicken needed work during and after last PTR as well as an overdue ring like band of might for all WD builds. They chose not to listen to droves of people.

The devs are unfortunately consistent over the years with all classes. The moment any build outperforms others in the class, they nerf it instead of intelligently raising the other sets. Next to the Necromancer Bone spear build, Munudungu is way behind that.

As for the Chantodo’s Archon build that was nerfed due to it being around 142…well…I sympathise totally with the Wizard lovers completely because against the stats appearing now, there is no reason for it not to be reinstated.

While I can’t imagine they’d be intentionally malicious, they probably did get the notion that mundungus was over performing by comparing it to the lack of interest in chicken/bears.
As for wizard, I have played this class more than any other and while I lament the chants nerf (such a fun build), and also the etched sigil change didn’t go over well, essentially they did what they always do: nerf builds so they can introduce a new one. I’m not saying it’s right. I’d rather see them keep existing builds mostly viable while fixing the rest, but at least wizard was afforded a new high tier build to take its place (twister). WD is being offered no working alternative.


You may know more accurately, but I’m pretty sure it is at least three years that the WD groups have asked for a damage reduction ring like every other class. This class while they are seeming to do work on it, need to take into account that zombie bears and other builds that could use it fall short because helltooth in order to use them is way too squishy without firebats+bracers or some kind of additional DR as well as sacred harvester - the latter now almost a forced addition because they never listen to everyone asking for a ring… so the build options are also limited and almost forced, if you want your character to have a degree of survivability.

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This nerf makes the WD completely irrelevant.


As for trash killer Mundo got close to BSnec that got a 300%+ buff from cube and you are telling us the nerf was not needed?
As for the reworked sets that may be an option mundo would be the new and old trash killer again b/c syth-nec got fixed as well.
And for solo everyone knows that monk is the weakest class.
If they would “balance” for solo only the AOE classes like Mundo-WD (prob. with AD too) would break the 2+ man gameplay even more. Where is just no way around big pulls und insane AOE+AD.
The only thing a Rent-Barb can do is solo because noone wants the lags in 2+man groups in big pulls. WD would still be an option in groups.

Right. They buffed bears to the level at which they thought WD’s should be performing, and chickens to the point they thought was adequate for speed farming.
Regardless of the fact that both of these “improvements” failed to adequately perform at the level of any other class push or speed builds respectively the disinterest in them incentivized the devs to nerf SB.

During the last PTR it was demonstrated that the first iterations of these builds were inadequate. So they threw in extra chickens and a mojo without further testing, and decided they were fixed.
If they’re fixed but not being used then clearly something else must be OP.

Whether it was maliciousness or misguided ignorance doesn’t really matter. The end result hurts equally either way.


You realize the WD had a an extra buff from the cube too? Obviously not as good as necro, but they were able to drop sacred harvester for CoE. I know WD was somewhat competitive in 4 man, but let’s be honest here. 1000 GR150 4 man clears and maybe one of them featured a WD. I think last I checked 145 was the cap on solo w/6k paragon. My numbers probably aren’t completely accurate as I haven’t checked the lb in a while, but trust me I was keeping a close eye on it when I was in the thick of the season. If this were the benchmark for all other classes, it really wouldn’t be a bad place. Sub 150 solo and competitive in 4 man sounds awesome for every class.
Also, similar to what I said earlier, this isn’t just a nerf to 4 man meta trash clear like star pact wiz nerf was, this is an OVERALL nerf for the class as this is the only competitive build.
And I won’t argue about monk being largely ignored, because for the most part it has been. They do at least Patterns of Justice which I would consider a viable new set on par with Munds in solo play. (I don’t remember the monk rankings but I know from playing Justice that it’s a decent build.)
Either way, they’re making a habit of breaking mostly balanced builds and introducing worthless ones or simply overpowered ones. They need some serious balancing and this isn’t a new problem.