WD Locust Swarm

Witch doctor lacks a mainhand weapon mod for locust swarm, one that enables critical hits for a legacy of nightmares/dreams/support build, and/or a %mod to dmg dealt would be better for arachs set+vile hive (60%-75%) and a wep mod (3x+?) for t16 farming.

It would open up locust swarm to be t16 viable without having to have full bis gear + augments just to do t16 with it.

Its alot less clunky to play when farming t16 with chicken or spirit barrage.

I understand it already gains the crit hit damage but it would open up locust swarm to be used to proc things like pain enhancer for a dreams dot build or solanium for health globe generation in supporting.

Wormwood is alright and purely qol/utility but you have to have vile hive in the cube and pick diseased swarm to stay a poison mod, which feels completely useless as a rune. It has very little use since it lasts 3s and has a small radius and hard to tell if the rune even gains damage from mods and set dmg.

Currently locust swarm damage is 130% weapon damage a tick over 8s
Quetzalcoatl makes it 130% a tick over 4s or possible 260% a tick over 4s unclear.
Searing locusts (fire mod) increases it to 185/8 and 185(370%?)/4
Diseased Swarm does 750% over 3s but its unclear if it gains %mod dmg plus Quetzalcoatl damage increased, i assume it doesnt.
Gains 0 damage from attack speed and crit chance.
Creeping Death, doesn’t increase the damage of the ticks it instead just lets it tick for a very long time, capped at the 130-260%/185-370% ticks.
at a cost of 300 mana.

Corpse spider alone no rune spawns 4 spiders and deals a garanteed 576% damage per use, is affected by attack speed and crit chance.
Has a weapon mod that increases its damage 800%, a belt mod (Brood of Araneae) 100% and a leg mod (depth diggers) 100%
costs 0 mana and is a basic ability.

Corpse spider without the 25,000% mod from arachs even without the wep, belt and leg mod still does more damage per use/tick than a fully mod’d without arach set locust swarm cast.
You can argue that if locust swarm is on 2 targets it does = and a bit more damage than an unmod’d corpse spider use but then you get into the high tier, hp and damage mods and the total damage done from locust swarm hitting everything would never = to corpse spider.

A fully geared locust swarm ticking would have to hit 200 targets to do = damage of a fully geared corpse spider build against 1 mob in 1 cast.

on top of the damage, the damage reduction portion of the arach set does not work as well with a locust swarm build due to you having to stand in the web and out for 4s, making it alot more squishy, but thats fine.

I simply just want it to work in t16 it would be nice if it was grift viable but that could overbuff the way jade harvester works, and that would be alot more balancing work.

There were times when developers improved old items, but for some reason these times ended with the sorcerer and “wormwood” and “beehive” remained old and useless to anyone! and now the company is not involved in the game at all! As a result, there is a build for the hive, but there is no point in it. although if you sharpen it to 16 you can run

the build works in T16 but not higher, and with 100+ stones and 1000+ paragon, with the legacy of dreams)

the nerf to arach killed locust swarm. lod/lon doesnt clear t16 efficiently at all. it would take 5k paragon to play lod firewalker these days. i doubt they’ll ever revert the arach nerf since they turned it into a clunky chicken set instead of just leaving it alone and adjusting cluckeye/manajuma’s power. nope, too lazy and in turn destroyed spider/bat builds.