Wave of Light's Bells not activating


The bells that spawn from WoL sometimes don’t activate while damaging them.

I use Tempest Rush to go through them and sometimes they obliterate everything with only 1 or 2 bells activating, but sometimes I can have max 7 and neither one of them even if I go through all of them, I see damage being done to them but they don’t explode/AoE.

posted same thing in the bug forums. We probably have to wait for the mid ptr patch notes

try cyclone strike…seems to work a lot better than Tempest Rush

I had a bug where i had conduit pylon and it said the Bells were immune to them.

It seems a lot of hits from various sources don’t actually hit bells. It should just be patched to say “use cyclone strike”.

I use cyclone strike almost exclusively and it’s still a problem. Sometimes you get bells with a massive health pool that just don’t explode when you hit them, regardless of what ability you use to hit them. I’d say these broken bells spawn about 30% of the time. You can get rid of them by moving far enough away (several screens away), but it really hurts the build. Has anybody figured out any work around for this or is this just a bug they need to fix?

This is a known issue, and has no workaround AFAIK.

My dear its mid Dec and this bug still exist in Windows. Monk bell got 1 trillion HP, normal cyclone strike won’t trigger explode. I noticed this problem only happens on Windows because after switch to PS4 D3, it was smooth bell explosion all the way :smiley: Also noticed in Windows occasionally when bell drop without Health bar then it explode correctly and I can simulate this in town; on contrary if bell drop in adventure mode have Health bar its usually above 1 trillion HP, this should be bug root cause.