Water ally - GR?

Wondering how far water ally can be pushed, without super high paragon. I know fire is meta i just prefer water. Wondering if it stays viable, high up.

Something between 125-130 I’d say.

Imo the fire allys can be simply fast and go up to 10 lvl higher. A few days ago I have done 115 in 2:20 with fire build and almost no ancients (esp the wpn wasnt anc). Fire build can be played in many variations as a fast build

  1. tr version with orotz (wkl, messerschmidt and in goem)
  2. inna daibo + crimson
  3. in goem, ef and messerschmidt + f&r, squirt

With a good buld I was doing 113 speeds.

Switched to fire and did 120 in the same time frame.

I did find water to be more fun though if that matters.


Me too. And it’s also easier to see what form they are in.


I like it so much I go off and farm keys when I don’t need to because just blowing up Neffs in 60 seconds is a blast to me.

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I’m just over 1k paragon and use the water ally almost exclusively. I’ve done a 5 minute 126 grift, and gotta’ say, I feel like I get more benefit/consistency with water ally than fire. I know fire has a huge burst when triggered ( more than water) but the consistent ally effect has helped me in my grifting and makes rifts/bounties a snap.

I’ve also tuned some bonuses to get about 60% additional cold damage - helps water allies for sure.

I feel that at about 130-135, fire allies will be required for me. But, until I push that, I do enjoy water more.


I cleared GR 140 with water ally, paragon 1900.
The setup was captain crimson set with 2h daibo, flying dragon cubed. Non poison version.

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I made a monk yesterday to take advantage of the super strong XP farming so was wondering how high it could go, glad to hear that.

How is fire compared to last season? It was a real easy to play smooth build in speeds but does the loss of cyclone strike weapon thing and managing Shenlongs make it less relaxed?

Depends on the build. The Fire Ally Diabo build with the poison gem is really chill. You just spam your abilities all the time.

The Shenlongs Fire is more powerful but trickier mechanics and is almost a pure elite hunter.

The ‘best’ is probably Ingeom/Echoing fury fire set up. That one is also quick with no real tricky mechanics.

I’ve been running 120’s with the fire diabo no problem in 2-3 minutes depending on the map.

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