Waste set bonus

Whirlwind works in a 9-yard radius of effect.

I have never seen a Dust Devil apply Rend.

You are most likely just seeing the WW tick applying Rend.

No, I tested this by WWing to spawn some DD’s, and watching them hit an enemy some distance away (no Rend), then WWing again to spawn more DDs, and chasing them to my target (not WWing), at which point the DDs do cause Rend on the enemy.

Give it a try, see for yourself.

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I have given it a try. Extensively. Which is why I determined only Whirlwind applies Rend through Ambo’s.

I’ve literally confirmed this happening 10 times in the last half hour. If it’s not happening for you, that’s very strange.

Let me record some video.

Regardless of the results I feel like this is the first documented case of Sanctuary storm chasing, I feel there is a Pokeman meme in there about catching them all but I don’t have the skills Pro has.

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Alright, here ya go:



That’s a very . . . Interesting mechanic I would say. So just as ww damage increases dust devils it also grants proc effects, but only if it’s within the range that ww would hit if you used it.

I wonder, does the damage bonus work the same way for the tornadoes as well?

I’m a little confused about what you mean, Kindran.

DDs definitely get the Wastes 6 and Skull Grasp damage bonuses outside the 9 yard radius of WW.

This answers my question. As far as what I said before hand basically I just find that mechanic for the dust devils applying rend very strange and wonder if that’s actually intended

That’s weird. I tested it very thoroughly. Definitely could never get the DDs to proc Rend. I don’t get the Rend icon from Ambo’s either… which is even weirder…

Well guess you’re right. Not sure what I’m doing differently. Sorry about that.

No problem, sir! We’re all new to this weird shenanigans!

So this means ASI isn’t a wasted stat?

Yes. Attack speed is completely useless since it doesn’t directly affect rend damage.

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Ok, did some more tests, got some more weird results.

I tested on my favorite subject/victim, Manglemaw.
Used a level 70 yellow crafted 2H mighty weapon.
My sheet attacks per second using this weapon were 1.44.
De-equipped my Wastes boots and my skull grasp to minimize WW damage. No damage-buffing legendary gems or passives (no Gogok, Trapped, Ruthless, etc.)

Using the DD’s rune (not automatic since no Wastes 6), and Ambo’s + Lamentation in the cube, I removed the first 25% of the target’s life in 111 seconds.

Switching to the Blood Funnel rune, I removed the 2nd 25% of the target’s life in 118 seconds. This surprised me. I had expected to see a significant fall off in damage, because I figured that essentially, using the DD rune would allow Rend stacking to hit the cap of 2, whereas with another rune, I would be hitting a cap of 1.44 (my aps). And if this was the case, I would have expected the 2nd 25% of life to take about 154 seconds to remove. Instead, the small difference between 111 and 118 seconds can probably be attributed to just a little bit of extra damage from DD hits.

For the 3rd 25% of the target’s life, I de-equipped Lamentation in the cube, and returned to the DD rune. This quarter took 220 seconds to remove, which is about 2x as long as the first quarter took, with Lamentation equipped.

This is kind of strange. Lamentation was doubling my damage, despite my 2H WW theoretically not being able to stack Rend 2x/second. This, combined with the fact that DDs didn’t seem to be giving me any extra Rend damage, despite clearly being able to proc Rend, would suggest to me that WWing with a 2H weapon is proccing Rend considerably more frequently than is shown on your sheet APS.

Update: 1.44 APS gives you 27 frames per attack using WW. To get Rend 2x/second, you just need to stay above 1.2904 APS. So any 2H setup you use just needs to reach this point to get the max value out of Lamentation.

Update #2: and since DD’s proc Rend (within 9 yards), and have a quicker breakpoint (you only need 1.00 APS to get a 30 frame brakepoint), you may only need 1.00 APS to get max value from Lamentation.


I haven’t been able to determine how frequently Rend is being applied myself. I was curious where that whole 2aps thing came from.

Whirlwind works on a 3 ticks per second mechanic, right?

WW ticks are based on your modified attack speed (so, your sheet speed modified by the BK swords, or whatever).

Like, with 2.73 APS using the BK swords, you have a 14 frame attack with WW, which is more than 4x/second. (And at that same APS, your DDs have a 10 frame animation, which is 6x/second)

If 1aps (aka 2H) is all you might need for Rend/Lamentation to reach max value, I wonder if 6WW/4IK has a shot at being meta.

Why would it?

All 4 IK gives is Wrath and Ancients, but perma-Wrath is easy to get with Zodiac, and even easier with Crimson’s, which is yet another multiplier.

Nah, the old 4x Rend build is deader than dead.

Idk about meta, but this what I’m working on:

You might wanna try the Crimson’s variant but swap the BK swords for a 2H Mighty Weapon and see how that works out. You’ll wanna stack CDR and RCR, but you won’t need to worry about Ancients if you slot Band of Might.