Wallpaper: Season 19 - Season of Eternal Conflict

deviantART: Season 19: Season of Eternal Conflict by Holyknight3000 on DeviantArt
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Here’s the latest seasonal wallpaper for Diablo 3 and this time its for the Season of Eternal Conflict.

No Logos version: Season 19: Season of Eternal Conflict - No Logos

Featuring artwork from the amazing Blizzard cinematics department and whoever made the original amazing art for the season news post: twitter.com/Diablo/status/1195…

With this I did first try to replicate the piece. I had an older version of the Cinematic Tyrael but it was from like 9 years ago and the quality was so blurry I couldnt use it. I just blew up what blizzard had provided and I tried to negate the jaggies as much as I could. I tried to add a sort of brush stroke filter on it but it didnt work. I eventually got to what I have now. I also decided to add my own personal touches. Namely the tendril wings coming off the “19” as well as the 4 metal corners as well as adding some teal blue glow.

I think it turned out ok. I just wished there was higher resolution piece like last time. We got spoiled in season 18 guys.

Well I’ll stop rambling enjoy and I’ll see you later this week for the next batch of By Three They Come…


Tyrael & Diablo 3 (C) Blizzard
Wallpaper Arranged by me

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