Wallpaper - NuMioH's Skeleton King

Fiery Runes Hellfyre - NuMioH’s Skeleton King

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A piece I have been wanting to make since I first started the Bestiary Fiery Rune wallpapers back in 2009. Just life, work and plans always got in the way. Not to mention some ADD- squirrel!

Since I started working on Fiery Runes: Hellfyre - a mix of remakes and more from the original series. I thought it was time to add it to the mix.

I also tweaked this wallpaper so many times just to get it kind of right that I took breaks from it off and on for months. Then the other day I realized the chair was taking away from Leoric.

In the end brain be damned I made it be in the background. OCD is a blessing as much as it is a curse.

I also wanted to make sure I respected NuMioH’s “Diablo Undead King” fan art of The Skeleton King Leoric.

Please enjoy this one. I’ve wanted to get this out for years but something else always came forward and I had to put this on the back burner for so so long.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy!


Diablo & The Skeleton King (C) Blizzard
Diablo Undead King by NuMioH
Wallpaper Arranged by Me

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