Wallpaper - Fiery Runes: Resurrected

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On this day 13 years ago a certain wallpaper started a journey for some yellow and red colored runes.

Fiery Runes by Holyknight3000

I believe its time. With Diablo II getting a full HD update/remake I thought it was time to do the same with my original Fiery Runes that used Diablo II’s 33 runes.

I give you a throwback updated with the new and improved and updated runes.

It’s time for a Resurrection!

Fiery Runes: Resurrected


Diablo II & Resurrected © Blizzard
Original Diablo II Runes & Art © Blizzard
Fiery Runes: Resurrected art by Me

2008 Fiery Runes Dug up with Corel Photopaint 10
Recreated & Made with Adobe Photoshop CS3