Wallpaper - D2: Resurrected #1 - The Wark Wanderer

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Now that the dust has settled from BlizzConline 2021 and we’ve been able to process everything.

Let’s be honest I was in sensory overload and needed a say or so to process and also build a wallpaper style to match things.

I managed of course with assets from the D2:R website but I wanted to have the chat gem look like it was clicked into a facet and then socketed into the stone wall.

I spent 2-3 hrs off and on to get it right… OCD is a blessing and a curse. If you care look close at it theres quite a few extra details around it.

Well I’ve rambled too long sorry. Please enjoy and see you next time.


Featuring the Incredible 3d Artwork of The Dark Wanderer by Billelis
The Dark Wanderer, Diablo II: Resurrected/Diablo II (2000) © Blizzard
Wallpaper arranged by me


Like it! Keep up the Good Work.

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