Waiting 4 Diablo 4!Graphical suggestions: Items ,PC,NPC

I put here the following links.They illustrate various personal
ideas about D4

https://imgur.com/a/NLOz0Qt >>Sketch 1 Image 1

Alternative logo using roman numbers.A very long
and magically animated mantle and a Bone-made arcane one-handed
crossbow(maybe Necro crafted it!):lizard:Lizard man is using a scythe which comes from a demonic big horn

https://imgur.com/a/MLD8ayj >>Sketch 2 Image 2

New Look for Demon Hunters!(long mantle as above)


https://imgur.com/a/Vx04Sxt >>Sketch 3 Image 3

Concept art
for a “Hero quest” look a like/inspired mob
(reminds us of the Fimir!)

I hope jeau enjoy some of those works I made by my hands!

Thx to all those who supported me (Blues, Greens, Whites).

…my best regards to American D3 community!

S.B.(Italian MVP for Diablo 3)