Viewing players on the leaderboards

As I complete each new tier for the leaderboard I am always curious as to which builds others are using. I am using a POJ TR flurry combo and my gems are 93, I have all ancient or primal gear and have augments on most of my gear for Dex. Now when looking I see many at the same tier with few ancients and no primal and gems ranked barely 30 or some at 50 (note same gems I am using) . The only thing I can think of that would be different would be paragon level. I am at only 1022. I just barely cleared GR 102 (A new personal best) but feel based on looting at others gear, I should be soloing GR 120 with no issues. Other factors perahps, I play solo via console.

Fishing for good greater rifts helps a lot. Play style and paragon are a big factor as well.

Yeah, but with 1k para and augments a 115 should be done with ease, no phishing at all. Maybe console is a thing here? I remember me doning a 115 solo season with no augments at all and 900 paragon and half of the items non ancient.
PoJ is faster than swk, but swk version is a lot easier to play when you go higher (but then you need rcr anywhere). Have you focused on AD, once loh on a wpn, enough cdr? Do you gather enough stuff? a 102 sonds very low.

I find that as I push higher and higher, the 1 shot kills on me become more prevalent. It may be stratagy in approaching rifts…I tend to want to kill everything tossed my way rather than “skipping” to champs and elites…Of course its the champs and elites that hit me with molten, etc… before I can even see it. Perhpas the balance between Dex and Vit with Paragon Points. I’ve been doing about a 3:1 ratio for dex : vit…with of course everything else maxed out. I was using Istanov’s set but changed to wom-kim and Azure fo the cold boost. Its weird but I have always found the console easier to play than PC…Keyboard mapping with mouse I jjust really suck at. I mainly look fr completing with dying say more than once or even twice in some cases (depending on who or what killed me). So some of the abbreviations you mention I am not sure what they represent?

AD…area damage?
loh on a won what is loh?
Sorry for being such a forum noob.

Area Damage, Life on Hit, Cool Down Reduction.

thanks that helps looks like my loh needs raising…I have some lpk but no lph…need to get new version of weapons perhaps for that (or other gear) as already enchanted for bonuses for TR, or SW

loh is crucial
you only need vit until you hit about 900k to 1M life. Did a 132 with it (ok, that was a push (and I feel even 133 is only a matter of time) but when you push, you will not kill all elite. You need to choose. But 115 sounds as a simple goal and usually you should not need that long on elites, maybe 2 hits and done. When you gather lots of trash around them you are done