Vesalius doesn't have an icon on a map

Rift guardian Vesalius dosn’t have a map icon, while other rift guardians does. The icon doesn’t show full nor minimap.
How to reproduce: Complete nephalem or greater rift. If Vesalius will appear that effect will occur
UPD: Aded the link to screenshot Bugged Vesalius Intended The Choker

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Cross-posting from the regular Bug report forum:

I found this bug today also. Not only he doesn’t have an icon, he also won’t teleport to the player.

I 've decided to post it to PTR because now active work is going and bug still presents.

That bug has been active since the boss was added 6+ years ago, and has been brought up countless times. I would not expect a fix.

It’s not a bug, it’s intended.