[US]Casual clan of friends looking for more members

Greetings and good day:

We are Evil Is A Foot. A Michigan based clan. This clan recruitment is for Diablo III and Diablo IV.

Little background: The Clan name is from an awesome cartoon show called The Tick from the 90’s. I usually name all my video game clans after the show. I am a cartoon watching “nerd” just to let you all know.

We are a small group of three (4) friends looking to expand starting with S28 and going into Diablo 4. I played obsessively on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One version of Diablo III until Xbox lost all of my characters. So now I play PC.

We are looking for people who would like to stay long term and find new friends to play with.

We are a casual clan and do not require you to play every day.

I myself, for the most part am on everyday farming for gear, pets, goblins, paragon points and achievements. I enjoy going after achievements.

It does not matter what class you want to play. I like to learn and play all the classes to see what I like and do not like. It is nice to try them all to find the fit that you like best.

We are not focused or obsessed with the leaderboards, but to have fun together. I would not mind one day earning a spot somewhere on the leaderboards but it is not my goal.

I would like to add that out of the (now four) of us I am the only one that plays a lot. However, it is different when the new seasons start. It will also be different when Diablo IV starts as the focus will be on the new game.

There are no requirements for how much you need to play or how high your paragon is. We would prefer if you have some experience with the game, but it is not a requirement if you’re willing to learn.


  • Acceptance of others
  • Active at season start
  • Human players, YES! You must be Human!
  • No Botters or cheaters. I will turn you in.

I use Maxroll, YouTube, and anything else I can to learn things about D3 & D4 as I play. We have Discord, Steam, and use Battlenet chat if needed. Voice chat is not required, but it can come in handy.

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Hi! I just started playing Diablo 3. Are you still looking for members?

@XmasCookie, feel free to add me, I am down to play non-season and season GREBLAM#1769

just got to lvl 70 p25 last night and looking for a clan, i play d3 and d4 kameirus#1936

hey guys ive been playing a long time diablo 3 n 2. trying to get into diablo iv i dont own it… i have a level 24 necro. level 21 monk… its hard to find a party or :clan: for me. like to get into game i think im act 3 necro act two monk… just looking for group guys. message me back

Hi, I have been play Diablo since it started oh so many years ago. I am hopinng you folks are looking for other play, because I would love to learn and learn some more. My blizzard name is SilentStorm. I am looking to join and meet new people. I have been mostly going solo and I guess I want to finally take it to the next level…ps please help this o;d man…well not that old…lol