[Updated] Season 19 Abuse of Game Mechanics

It’s not though. If we ignore the Blue because they obviously have no idea what they’re talking about with this group thing, it boils down to a buff from outside the GR, being brought in to the GR. Something that has been in the game forever.


a question to Nev and you all:

i‘ve found a method to let monsters spawn continously.
So i‘m able
a) to stack the seasonal buff endless and
b) to meet the seasonal Diablo repeatedly

so please help:
is this a bug, an exploit ?
am I abusing ?

The method is already reported to the „hack-hotline“

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This exploit as was performed is though.

I mean I watched it live. It was extremely easy to understand and replicate. It just takes a long time to set up properly. Not complicated whatsoever.

So you say bots and thud are banable and yet do NOTHING do deal with it. I can name 50 players on top of EU leaderboards that use bots and they still play. I can also name few people that use bots for more than 5 seasons (thats over a year !) and never had ban. So please tell me… how bots are banable ?

And don’t get me started on thud… this is so common that when you look for a group to play on communities you NEED to use thud or they will just kick you. I’ve been kicked from many groups just because i don’t use thud to play znecro or zbarb. And those people said exactly that they will kick me for lack of it. Thats why i play alone these days… comunities are like cancer.


There seems to be a lot of digging into nuance to try to justify some behavior over others, so I’m going to share what the fix is going to be as I think it’s the easiest way to clarify this without giving a how-to guide on performing the exploit. Again, going to warn everyone here: do not post the steps to the exploit on the forums; it is not permitted, and you will lose your posting privileges.

  • In order to maintain the Pandemonium buff, both the player and the monster being killed must be in the same “world.” Rifts (of either kind) are their own “world,” as are different zones of the world map.

I’ve also seen call-outs to other personal player buffs using the same technique. Throughout the years, we have systematically “whack-a-mole” fixed cases where buffs are being generated outside a Rift and carried into it, on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity of the impact. If the behavior feels necessary, even mandatory, to basic gameplay, then it may be worth revisiting the design entirely to fix that.

I’m taking that feedback to the team to discuss further. In the meantime, I hope this provides the clarity you’re looking for.

Players are always going to find things our design and QA teams miss; there’s simply more of you than there are us! When those efforts create degenerative gameplay that begins to feel necessary, that’s a problem. Now that we’ve identified it, we’re asking you do not abuse this problem while we work to address it—for the greater health of the game.


Where is Matthew today? What you did to him?!!! :slight_smile:


Maybe he absconded to the Blizzard Cocoa, Cider, and Kolache event!

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Tyvm! Ill double check my posts from now. In the later one I was just wondering wich was the sollution the team found for that issue.

But, can Blizzard detect TurboHUD? I have no clue and would never in a million years cheat and use it. Just curious is all.

Those are called Community Managers. Blizzard laid off many during the Feb cuts. Diablo as a franchise has one now. For everything across all Diablo games.

I can promise they are not going to give an answer to that. We will find out when and if they take actions.


Reading between the lines I think they can. Taking no actions against it after public statement as strong as this one would harm their reputation.

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Great news for you metro. They cannot detect turbo hud which is why its never been banned without an admission or some other self incriminating evidence.

Its a sad state of affairs they allow botters to accumulate so much paragon or so much bounty mats. But feel the need to punish people like eggman who only used the game mechanics blizzard dedigned in a way they may not have intended, but definitely knew that the mechanics were working in this fashion from the PTR.


Please don’t whack the Eggman. Be proud to still have elite players clinging to this rather old game who think up complex mechanics like this and have the skills to pull them off. The streamers, elite players and influencers are the backbone of the community.

Just fix your game and remove the leaderboard entries.


Free the eggman!..


Way too vague. One keypress = one in-game action?
But can it be a different one with each keypress? IsBoxer is considered not a cheating program and blizzard officially tolerate multiboxing, but it can precisely do that : change the action on each keypress.
So a macro cannot do 3 skills in one push, but you’re authorized to roll your mouse wheel constantly and have all your skills pressed differently with timing? (IsBoxer can do that too, change your key depending on a timing).

One keypress = one in-game action is absolutely not sufficient.
PoE in this case is much more precise and stipulates :
1 action per keypress, and this action cannot change at all for a specific bind.

This stance would remove any kind of possible automation using mouse wheel, which IMO shouldn’t even be a possible bind at all, like rolling your mousewheel to spam loot is fine (1 finger muscle movement), but having one macro key (1 finger muscle movement) do the same isn’t?
This would also effectively definitively ban IsBoxer from being used in D3 and end any kind of possible multiboxing.

The ball is in Blizz camp.

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like eggman cares, he was playing on a brand new account knowing that what he was doing would result in a ban so rather then get his main account banned he bought a fresh one,


This is really sad, banning player who found clever ways to use game mechanics that had passed PTR testing… Making the run unvalid, I understand, but banning is way overboard.


you knew of it on the ptr, its not a exploit

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The what now?

Kids these days. Stop making up fancy words, miss!

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