[Updated] Season 19 Abuse of Game Mechanics

I would love to see any of you people copy that run. Even without having to think up the clever strategy beforehand.

Reported, I did not write that. Can’t even say if the false quote is offensive.

This really needs to be addressed. But since it is completely correct and factual but goes against their bs narrative I won’t hold my breath.


I don’t think they would do this but if someone has proof please post it. People who real money trade multiple times usually get 6 month bans, and that’s way worse than an arguable exploit.

You might have a point if he did not abuse it. Let him post a video of how he did it. Hop in a GR, show that you can pull in the streak from outside the GR and then leave the game. Doing full GR150 clears to get onto the boards is not testing, it is using exploits.

Look did blizzard say we could not do what he did? NO. Ive seen the video and honestly all it is, is a clever use of game mechanics the DEVS put in THEIR game and told us to push the boundaries using this seasons buff. Just because blizzard does a crap job coding and testing their game, how is it out fault? This guy did what blizzard told us to do and blizzard does what blizzard does best…Screw the people who support their company but still havent done anything about the bots. They keep saying they are going to but all they are is just talk. They will do a ban wave here and there and with in 20 minutes, someone is going to alter some code so the bot works again and then we are back at square one.


Patch 2.6.7b is now live, which addresses the abusive use of game mechanics. Since this is a super small patch, patch notes are available in the usual Patch Note module in the launcher, on the website, and here on the forums.

Thanks for your patience while we worked as quickly as possible to deploy this fix!


i want to believe you patched and banned the players who bugged game difficulty too



This has been in the game as long as T16 has existed. I honestly don’t think its detrimental to anything whatsoever, and I do believe that the torment you can powerlevel on (without glitching) should have been raised as new difficulties were introduced. I think it is overall just an issue that isn’t important for them to fix.

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I couldn’t and wouldn’t copy that run in 1000 Attempts. I never claimed to be so “clever” and, more to the point, I would get no satisfaction from cheating my way to the top. I also don’t associate with people who would help me do this.
Let’s not ignore the fact that this guy has used macros for a long time. Since star pact has been around we’ve seen him amongst other streamers using macros for even the simple rotations (firebirds, tal, LoN, reverse bazooka are all relatively easy with some practice) not to mention the utter joke that bazooka has become with the failed fix. I would challenge all the people who think he is some Diablo god to consider how he uses ONE keystroke to perform an insane rotation. This is considered cheating. There is no misunderstanding or twisting words here.
Ive tried bazooka last season, but struggled with the timing and gave up. I’m more comfortable on a pull barb. however I know 4 people personally who could hit it manually last season. His rotation is 100% macro and I can’t fathom how he has such a following for using shameful tactics.
Quite likely he’s used thud and more than likely bounty bots. I’d rather maintain my sense of achievement for clearing lower but using legit tactics.
Yes he’s becoming the face of Blizzards wrath, but he was rubbing their noses in it for many seasons using cheats on stream. I’m surprised and disappointed this didn’t happen sooner. Bots, thud and macros are a huge reason why I don’t feel much motivation to play. There is no place for legit players anymore.


After reviewing the video, I do not see any instance of exploiting or cheating. I just see a poorly designed mechanic being used to its fullest. I would actually consider rewarding this player for finding the bug. Punishing these players so severely makes no sense to me since he’s harming no one, D3 is not an MMO, what he does in his own game is his own business. I’d sooner delete the leaderboards (pointless really) and just let players do whatever they want to do within the confines of the rules of the game.

Severe over-reaction.


I don’t know you and are not trying to personally attack you. You may be a fine person that is in every other way an upstanding person.

The attitude in this post is one of the great cancers of gaming (hrm…modern big business as well…wonder if that has any correlation). It needs to be rebutted and excised at every opportunity.


I’m not sure why people are arguing it’s not an exploit. It’s Blizzard’s game and they call the shots. That’s another aspect of how Big Business works that people don’t seem to like unless they’re part of it…

(Angry Gamerboys, don’t bother replying, I’ve already muted this thread xx)

Gotta love people who cant defend their own opinions. Blizzard specifically said in their own blog post to push the limits of the season buff. Hey people did and blizzard didnt like it. Its not our fault they cant code a game and test its features like they did 20+ years ago before companies got cheap and decided to let the public do their testing. I mean they dont test this game at all and every time they patch something, it breaks the game. Heck I was reading something earlier while at work saying this new patch broke something else. They cant touch this game with out breaking it. But thats besides the point right now. They should not be banning or punishing people for using the MECHANICS THEY PUT IN GAME AND THEN TOLD US TO PUSH THE BOUNDARIES WITH IT. If they wanna take them off the leader boards for doing it, fine but they dont deserve to be banned.



In what way does this guy playing in his own private room with his friends affect you or your game or anyone else’s? It doesn’t, it’s Diablo, it’s not an MMO or a competitive multiplayer ranked game where cheating is meant to gain an advantage in a competition over others. This is simply someone having fun on their own in their own way. Who cares!

If this was an MMO and his exploit was causing major harm to other players and their enjoyment of the game that’s fine. If he was using bots or hacks or external software - then sure, ban away.

I fail to see what difference there is between doing this or just using any of the 10,000 other ways to optimize performance in ways Blizzard didn’t intend. In fact, I’d argue that it is the antithesis of the Diablo series itself to limit all possible playstyles to only what Blizzard deems is acceptable.

He did not employ any other mechanisms other than what the game afforded him. Therefore, since the fault lies squarely in Blizzard’s hands for implementing the buff poorly, and then failing to stop deployment of the season upon learning of this exact “exploit” until it was fixed - seems like perhaps it is Blizzard who is over-reacting with this punishment rather than owning up to their own negligence.

I contend that there was no issue with this until someone complained - though I still fail to see how someone playing in their own private instance with their friends harms me or anyone else in any way.


The punishment meted out on Eggman is way harsher than those on botters.

Botters : 1 account banned.
Eggman showing why a game without proper PTR should not go live : All accounts banned.

Nevertheless, we know Eggman didnt exploit to get ahead of others. He merely wanted to tell the folks at Blizzard to "not do it again’; to have a proper PTR.


Lol sure. And make money on twitch doing it as well as using cheats (macros) on stream. If the punishment is what people have said, it’s very harsh, but you cannot say this guy is a legit player even outside of the exploit. So he got banned for using the exploit- good cos he should have been banned long ago for macros, botting, thud…
If he’s such a hero like people are claiming, why not do a recorded, off stream clear and send it to blizz? They absolutely need to test their game. The seasonal buff is utter eye cancer and a horrible mechanic. However, instead of reporting the exploit he giggles about it and shows everyone how to do it. There is no defence. Cheated. Banned. Good.


Can you comment on whether or not the hacks and cheats punishments will apply to console cheaters? The obvious and flagrant use of 3rd party software is rampant. I am not refering to obvious hacked items with 3 sockets (though they are cheaters) but to save wizard which gives console players thesame effect as botters from pc.

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A streamer exploiting the PTR is helping the devs…

While I agree if someone was Modifying the game which you cant do, afaik, or perhaps botting, though I will admit I do have friends from twitch I know bot and this games populace is pretty low-- ok bad argument… I know people that used to bot that don’t bot anymore and banning someone based on Hardware seems a bit severe if were talking perma ban… Id be down for 30 day suspensions…

But what Man did is not something I would even think Blizz would consider banning his alt account for – BTW that is his main SC account, he just wasnt on his main HC account also, someone in HC would’ve told him to cut it out I’d assume.

Botting is worse than what Egg did… He did something stupid that has a big impact on the season more than it was an exploit in the classic fashion… this didnt require much absurdities to pull off- though as I have said before I feel like Dev team/Nev have made changes to implicitly derail kill streak rewards from outside GR’s to work inside, which combined with having other people help in solo GR is breaking its way into solid suspension or account closure of said account used.

Overwatch uses hardware UUID strictly for Hacks/Aimbots which I see as one of the most despicable cheats- That is a strictly PvP game which has a League attached to it where players make… players are prob the only people making money lol-- aimhack/wallhack would be similar to having like townkill still around in diablo…

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Ok lets not take someone doing a 150 GR solo with ZDPS tank gear clear as similar to using the T16 powerlevel which is literally just the save game mechanic… the entirety of the leveling process including the initial leveling process while I actually do enjoy it or did… is peanuts when compared to ruining the LBs…

@nevalistis here’s some other big ones to just get them outta the way, the bone ringer could have been stacking similar to the way it was initially exploited in Leorics passage - AKA never falls off as long as you dont recommand for the duration of the GR, but in the way which we didnt know about until this season

Thats 1 ^ big one…

another one…

wont expand on what you can do with this but it can be misused in hc this season to pk - necro with a certain skill on going into brawling - this is related to leveling fast initially but can have affects in other areas of the game… if you dont know about this I suggest you email me or msg me or talk to the officers in my clan Or any of the big boys in EU.

Oh a Classic one, that still works, I cant even consider an exploit anymore cuz its been around for so many seasons is you can get more leg drops by going to town on certain torments per a certain GR level… this is very widely known, nothing been done about it.

anyway obv being vague on purpose… so msg me if you want to know more –

Also… Buff Fist of Az Nerf Uliannas , the only Damage boosted is DoT’s other that TR cause of how quick new set falls off… no one using new monk set, make EP decent, everybody and mother play new set