UPDATE: #1 on EU Hardcore again :)

UPDATE: After a week of grinding augments and improving gear, I managed to climb back up to the #1 spot by clearing GR113 in 14:50 :wink:

  • paragon 1073
  • 10x rank 100 augments
  • Falter over Killing Spree

I´ll play some more tomorrow, do some bounties, try to upgrade my amulet and/or helm and attempt GR114, but that´s it for me after that, I definitely won´t be grinding paragon. I´m incredibly happy with the result.

Seismic Slam rules!

original post

Hello Barbros, I came back this season after half a year away I think, S4V4G3 mentioned to me in another game that Mortick was reappearing, which made me curious.

Long story short, I just managed to get to first place on the EU Seasonal Hardcore ladder solo with a Permafrost setup by clearing GR 107 @ paragon 837

eu. diablo3. com/en/profile/Nubtro-2147/hero/123871736
** remove the spaces between eu._diablo3 and 3._com
(I can´t post a link for some reason)

  • Might of the Earth - Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Boots
  • Captain Crimson - Belt, Pants
  • Istvan´s Paired Blades
  • Mortick´s Brace
  • Traveler´s Pledge + Compass Rose
  • Band of Might
  • cubed Fury of the Vanished Peak
  • cubed Bracers of Destruction
  • cubed Ring of Royal Grandeur
  • Trapped, Gogok, Stricken

LMB - Permafrost
RMB - Ancient´s Fury
Q - Death from Above
W - Killing Spree
E - Bloodshed
R - Insanity
P1 - Nerves of Steel
P2 - No Escape
P3 - Boon of Bul-Kathos
P4 - Ruthless

This is a first #1 for me, after all these years :smiley:
Very happy it was achieved with a Seismic Slam spam build of all things.

EDIT: Note that this is not my creation, I was inspired by a clear on the Asian server.

I´ll probably play for a few more days.

Good luck and have fun.


Yes you can :roll_eyes: and congrats.

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My friend, I made a builf guide for slam and this one with crimson mod is giving us an alternate pushing versiin. Anothe cleared 120 at 2150 paragon. It may be stronger than we think.

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Hey man, yours is solid, too, but Crimson is very, very strong. I get 54% (EDIT: forgot to include Crimson CDR bonus, it´s 63.29% more damage) from the first effect and 28% damage reduction from the second.

The build I´m using is not that easy to play cause there´s some WotB & Ancients downtime, but the blue CDR circle on the ground helps with that.


Someone in NS cleared 120 though. He must have CoA 100% up time. After some tests with crimson I ll modify the alternative build options section accordingly. Or I may make a new section for pushing setup. I am not sure how easy to play. There is probably some serious fury management needed.

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Grats Nubtro and welcome back!

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Well done!

It does seem like running with Mortick’s would be superior to the setup the 120 clear used, because you get the toughness and LPFS benefits while freeing up a skill slot, which is useful for Killing Spree (damage), Falter (damage), War Cry (Toughness), or Charge (mobility)…. Even when Wrath is down, MOTE(4) + BoM + Cap’n C means you’re still quite tough.

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Nice work. Always can appreciate someone who does well in hardcore.

Stealing Perusoe’s gif:


N1 Nub!

Someone should get Sillydilly back. He’d like to play Cold Slam again I bet with the new Crimson set.

I have been trstin crimson, man the fury starve is real. It is not a very smooth play. Storm s clear is definitely a gg rift I am guessing.

Also losing so much IAS,;slams are less. May be the overall damage is the same…

CoA and WotB are not up 100%. 70% at most. When they are down it feels like chicken. Need to run around headless.

What are you up to nowadays man. PoE? I am logging daily FYI.

Rage you´re right about that free skill slot, and Falter is actually more damage on paper in my current setup (+20% vs +9.04%). I´ll be sure to test it.

Prokahn part of the reason this build works is seasonal buffs - especially the blue CDR cycle shortens the WotB & CotA downtime significantly and the short Leap cooldown allows repositioning inside the buff circles without problems.

It´s NOT and easy build to play but I have experience from the past with Slam and using Avalanche and Stomp for Fury generation and other variants. Looking forward to people trying to copy the build on HC now and dying in the process, it is definitely a tricky tricky one :wink:.

I was playing Cyclone Berserker in Legion for a month, returned early August and tried some SSF (Vaal) Ground Slam…I´ll probably be back when next league starts in 8 days, unless I burn myself out with D3 grinding…it´s been fun so far.

Nowadays I play games for a month or so at a time, burn out, take a break, watch some movies and TV shows, come back to gaming, rinse and repeat.

Anyway, solid patch D3 devs, neat Barb build diversity on the leaderboard atm.


That’s okay. I stole it off the internet. :blush:

Congratulations, Nubtro! :beer:

School is back in session, Professor Nubtro once again teaching us all. Good to see you back, even if it is only temporary.



Nice one.

Also playing HC Barb this season myself, playing SSF (Solo Self Found) and managed to be 2nd barb to GR75 on HC, 6th player overall EU but was rank 1 for SSF I think.

Not quite as impressive as a rank 1 leaderboard clear xd but i’m proud of it, considering this is my first ever season starting as barb.

Quite interested in your build though, may give it a try, mostly because i’m a charge barb atm and as much as I love vile charge at lower levels, its awful to play at higher levels.

I utterly despise wall-charging, why can’t barb be viable without bugs/exploits :<?

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Nubtro the legendary Barbarian hero graces us. I’m so happy to see you again and grats on that #1!

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Cleared on the first try :smile:

Good luck and have fun everyone.


Well done!

Was it tough to get Falter properly placed on the mobs you wanted to attack, and then get to an ideal slamming range? That was the one thing I was worried about when I suggested it as an alternative to Killing Spree.

What do you do when WotB goes down? Do you just keep moving so you get the defensive bonus from endless walk?